GMP DV360/CM (DoubleClick)—DV360

At a glance: Integrate AppsFlyer with DV360.

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Make sure to follow the Integration Guide before continuing with the instructions in this section.

GMP bid manager (DV360)

The system operates as an SRN. Therefore, it doesn't make use of attribution links as DCM360 does. To measure installs and other conversions, AppsFlyer uses the GMP S2S API.

However, you can use AppsFlyer attribution links in DV360 (DBM) campaigns to measure clicks and impressions. See using attribution links with DV360.

For campaigns setup in DV360 AppsFlyer mostly receives the CM360 Placement ID from Google.
To find the corresponding DV creative ID, produce a custom report from Google, which contains both CM360 Placement ID and DV creative ID.

Conversion measurement with DV360

To measure conversions with DV360, you must create floodlights for each type of conversion:

  • Install
  • Retargeting
  • In-App Events

When you configure floodlights, DV360 gives you the parameters required to integrate with AppsFlyer.

DV360 token parameter

There is a fourth parameter, called token, that is also required. To retrieve this parameter you must enable third-party mobile in-app conversion recording at the advertiser(Floodlight configuration) level:

  1. Go to Resources >> Floodlight for a campaign
  2. Under the Basic Details tab, navigate to the Integrations >> Third-Party App Attribution section and enable in-app attribution recording
  3. Click New token to generate a token, then enter a name
  4. Click Save

Bid Manager generates values for the new tokens.