GMP DV360/CM (DoubleClick)—discrepancies

At a glance: Understand discrepancies between GMP and AppsFlyer.

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Discrepancy reasons

See the following to learn about discrepancies and how you minimize them.

Differences in attribution models

Cause Description AppsFlyer's tip

View-through attribution window

View-through in DV360/CM360 attribution window is 14 days, while the AppsFlyer default window is 1-day.

Set the view-through window in AppsFlyer to match the view-through set in DV360/CM360 set-up window.
Incorrect floodlight parameters

Working with incorrect floodlight parameters could cause issues with attribution.

Make sure that the floodlight parameters are always correct when you set the integration with DV360/CM360.

Multi-channel source attribution

In AppsFlyer, the last media source that a click comes from gets attributed. 

A click can come from DV360/CM360, followed by a click from another media source. In such cases, GMP self-reports an install, but in AppsFlyer, the install goes to the other media source.

In such cases, the AppsFlyer attribution decision is the one you should follow.