[Legacy] GMP DV360/CM (DoubleClick)—discrepancies

At a glance: Understand discrepancies between [Legacy] GMP and AppsFlyer.


At the end of Q2 2024, Google and AppsFlyer will be deprecating the legacy doubleclick_int integration. If you're using this integration, make sure to migrate to the new DV360 dv360_int integration as soon as possible to continue running campaigns and measuring them using GMP. See more details here.

Discrepancy reasons

See the following to learn about discrepancies and how you minimize them.

Differences in attribution models

Cause Description AppsFlyer's tip

View-through attribution window

View-through in DV360/CM360 attribution window is 14 days, while the AppsFlyer default window is 1-day.

Set the view-through window in AppsFlyer to match the view-through set in DV360/CM360 set-up window.
Incorrect floodlight parameters

Working with incorrect floodlight parameters could cause issues with attribution.

Make sure that the floodlight parameters are always correct when you set the integration with DV360/CM360.

Multi-channel source attribution

In AppsFlyer, the last media source that a click comes from gets attributed. 

A click can come from DV360/CM360, followed by a click from another media source. In such cases, GMP self-reports an install, but in AppsFlyer, the install goes to the other media source.

In such cases, the AppsFlyer attribution decision is the one you should follow.