Base attribution link engagement parameters for ad networks

At a glance: What counts as a view? Should a banner appear on a screen or only a part of it? Does the user need to watch the full video or are a few seconds enough to be considered a view? Even when it comes to clicks, it isn't so straightforward: what should happen after or before the click so it is considered viable?

This article provides information about the following:

  • AppsFlyer recommended standards for defining a click or view
  • How to send AppsFlyer the details of ad visibility during the engagement

Definition of clicks and views

Each ad network defines clicks and views differently. This can cause inconsistent and incomplete data.


A campaign for AwesomeApp includes a video ad that is 10 seconds long.
A user sees the ad on two different networks — first on Network A, then, after a while, on Network B. Each time the user watches it for 4 seconds.
After seeing the ad on Network B, the user downloads AwesomeApp and goes straight to the app store.

Network A counts a view for a video ad when at least 4 seconds of it has been watched.
Network B counts a view for a video ad as 50% of its duration.
Network A is reporting this as a view and gets the attribution. Network B doesn't report it, although most likely it motivated the user to download the app.

If both networks have the same definition of a view, both would report the engagement. The attribution is awarded to the most recent view. 

For fairness and consistency, AppsFlyer recommends that its partner networks adopt the following standards:

Ad type View Click
Interstitials and banners 50% of the ad unit is visible for 1 second A click that takes the user directly to the app store
Rewarded videos

Video is watched for 2 seconds

A click that takes the user directly to the app store

Playable ads

The playable element is launched

A click that takes the user directly to the app store

Standard video

Video is watched for 2 seconds

A click that takes the user directly to the app store

Ad networks are encouraged to send ad visibility data per click or view to give advertisers a better understanding of user engagement and assists in campaign optimization. See how networks define clicks and views.

Send engagement parameters

Append the af_ad_type parameter to the click/view URL with the value that indicates the ad type that the user engaged with. See URL examples that follow. 

Depending on the ad type, you can attach the relevant engagement parameters that provide details of the engagement (e.g. how much of a video a user has watched).

af_ad_type values

This is a list of possible values for af_ad_type and the engagement parameters available for each ad type:

Ad type  Description Additional parameters


Ad unit containing text only. Example: Search result

af_ad_time_viewed, af_ad_displayed_percent


Basic format that displays at the top or bottom of the device screen.

af_ad_time_viewed, af_ad_displayed_percent


Full-page ad that displays during breaks in the current experience

af_ad_time_viewed, af_ad_displayed_percent


Standard video. Meaning non-rewarded

af_video_total_length, af_video_played_length


Ad unit offering in-app rewards in exchange for watching a video

af_video_total_length, af_video_played_length


Ad unit containing an interactive preview of the app experience



A link included in a piece of sponsored content. Example: Advertorial article



An audio ad

af_audio_total_length, af_audio_played_length

Ad type options and engagement parameters 

Engagement parameters and values

The engagement parameters should be passed with the following values:

Parameter Value format Example  Description




The length of the video




How much of the video was viewed




How long the playable element is played once fully loaded




How long the ad unit is visible on the screen



The maximum percentage of the ad unit that is visible on the device screen




The length of the audio




How much of the audio is heard

URL examples

  • Impression URL

    A user watches a rewarded video ad of AwesomeApp (total length of 30 seconds) for 7 sec, and leaves without clicking:
  • Click URL

    A user sees 75% of AmesomeApp's banner ad and clicks on it after 8 seconds:

    A user listens to an audio ad of AmesomeApp and clicks on the ad after listening to 6 seconds of it (out of 10 seconds):