ROI360 generic impression-level ad revenue SDK connector integration guide

At a glance: The generic AppsFlyer ad revenue SDK connector works with ad networks to report ad revenue with impression-level granularity.


Impression-level ad revenue reporting by SDK connector

Ad revenue reporting options

Ad revenue is reported to AppsFlyer by either aggregate granularity (via API) or impression-level granularity (via SDK). Impression-level data via SDK:

  • Has better data freshness and earlier availability in AppsFlyer.
  • Supports SKAN. 


Reporting ad revenue using the SDK connector

SDK principles of operation

The ad revenue SDK connector sends impression revenue data to the AppsFlyer SDK. These impression events are collected and processed in AppsFlyer, and ad revenue event, af_ad_revenue , is generated in the platform with the revenue attributed to the original UA source. 

Data display

The af_ad_revenue event is used to identify ad revenue. This event is used throughout the platform including dashboards and other data delivery tools.

Supported networks

The list of supported ad revenue mediation and monetization networks that can send us data via the generic ad revenue SDK connector is as follows:

Data freshness

The SDK connector sends the revenue data to the platform at the time the ad displays. For ROI360 premium customers, the data becomes available in:

  • The DataLocker impression level topic at 1 AM and every 1 hour thereafter,
  • The AppsFlyer Activity and Cohort reports at 5 AM UTC, and every 4 hours thereafter.

Implementing generic AppsFlyer ad revenue SDK connector

To implement the generic AppsFlyer ad revenue SDK connector:

  1. Enable SDK-level ad revenue in AppsFlyer for the partner you want to connect. Note: This needs to be done for each app individually.
  2. Tell your developer to integrate the generic AppsFlyer ad revenue SDK connector using these instructions.
  3. To record ad revenue in your SKAdNetwork dashboard, follow the SKAN ad revenue instructions.

Traits and limitations

Trait Remarks 
  • To turn on iLTV for Admob, follow this link
  • For Android and Unity, impression revenue is reported by the Admob iLTV SDK in micro-units. For the correct ad revenue amount in USD to display in AppsFlyer, before sending the ad revenue amount to AppsFlyer, divide the amount extracted from the iLTV event handler by 1 million.
Ad revenue value Impression events with revenue values above $10 (and the equivalent in other currencies) aren't processed by the SDK connector.
Channel Channel isn't supported for out-of-store apps, except for Amazon.
Ad type Not supported.