App-to-web redirection

At a glance: Redirect app users to a web URL or social media page by using a URL generated with OneLink.

Redirect app users to a web URL

Advertisers can post OneLink URLs leading to external web pages or social media sites. AppsFlyer measures the clicks on the link inside the app, by which you can determine the efficacy of the ad. 

Prerequisites: An AppsFlyer account with at least one app.

To set up app-to-web redirection:

  1. Set up a OneLink template.
    • In the When app is installed section, make sure you don't set up an app-opening method (Universal Links, App Links, or URI scheme).
  2. Create a OneLink custom link.
    • In the When app isn’t installed section, make sure the redirection settings are to the desired web URL. 
    • Don't add an af_dp parameter with a URI scheme. 

To test your link

Prerequisites: A mobile device with the app installed.

  1. Send the short or long URL to your phone, and click it.
    Note: Email or WhatsApp yourself the link, and open it on your phone. Don't paste into iOS notes, or directly into a mobile browser. 
  2. You should be redirected to the web URL.