Data Locker—reports available for ad networks

At a glance: Reports listed are available to ad networks via Data Locker. Advertisers must give the ad network explicit permission. 

Reports available for ad networks

Report type (topic) Which data access permissions are required? Data freshness* Available to
Aggregated campaign performance 
  • Aggregated conversions
  • Aggregated in-app events
  • Aggregated revenue
Daily Ad networks
Ad revenue signals for UA ad networks
  • Access ad revenue raw data
Daily Ad networks
Blocked clicks & impressions No advertiser permissions required Daily Ad networks
Failed click signatures No advertiser permissions required Daily Ad networks

* Key to abbreviations


  • Reports are streamed to the h=23 folder.
  • These reports are typically available by 07:00-12:00 UTC in the h=23 folder of the preceding day.
  • For example, the report for data generated on Monday is in the Monday h=23 folder.
  • The data is available on Tuesday:
    • For aggregated campaign performance: After 10:00 UTC.
    • For ad revenue signals: After 21:00 UTC.
    • For blocked clicks & impressions, and failed click signatures: After 07:00 UTC.