Data Locker—reports available for ad networks

At a glance: Reports listed are available to ad networks via Data Locker. Advertisers must give the ad network explicit permission. 

Reports available for ad networks

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Report type (topic) Which data access permissions are required? Data freshness* Available to
Aggregated campaign performance 
  • Aggregated conversions
  • Aggregated in-app events
  • Aggregated revenue
Daily Ad networks
Ad revenue signals for UA ad networks
  • Access ad revenue raw data
Daily Ad networks
Blocked clicks & impressions No advertiser permissions required Daily Ad networks
Failed click signatures No advertiser permissions required Daily Ad networks

* Key to abbreviations


  • Reports are streamed to the h=23 folder.
  • These reports are typically available by 07:00-12:00 UTC in the h=23 folder of the preceding day.
  • For example, the report for data generated on Monday is in the Monday h=23 folder.
  • The data is available on Tuesday:
    • For aggregated campaign performance: After 10:00 UTC.
    • For ad revenue signals: After 21:00 UTC.
    • For blocked clicks & impressions, and failed click signatures: After 07:00 UTC.
Report availability and required permissions
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