Bluecore ESP integration with AppsFlyer

At a glance: Bluecore is a trigger-based ESP and user engagement platform for marketing, growth, and engagement.


Bluecore has a powerful feature that allows you to send emails to your clients using SendGrid as your Email Service Provider. Customers use discounts and rewards for retargeting and re-engaging clients in cases such as cart abandonment. Bluecore requires the configuration of click domains on behalf of the clients. SendGrid supports Universal Links, which enables AppsFlyer OneLinks to perform as expected.


  • AppsFlyer iOS SDK version 4.9.0

Set up AppsFlyer

Perform the following steps in AppsFlyer:

  1. Create OneLink:
    1. Create a OneLink template for your email campaigns.
    2. Configure the app to support deep linking with OneLink.
  2. Follow steps 3-6 from the SendGrid integration: 
    1. Host an Apple app site association file (AASA).
    2. Configure your AppsFlyer SDK.
    3. Send your first email.
    4. Test your links.