Cómo agregar dispositivos de prueba a la lista blanca

At a glance: Whitelisting devices lets you use the same device multiple times for install attribution testing. This article describes how to manage your whitelist by adding and deleting devices. 

Whitelisting devices for attribution testing

When performing attribution tests, the re-attribution window limits install attributions to one per 90-day window. So, if you repeatedly use the same device to test install attributions, nothing is recorded. Overcome this by whitelisting devices. 

Consider that,

  • Whitelist test devices ignore the re-attribution rule
  • Whitelisted devices apply to all apps in an account
  • Ad networks and agencies need to ask an advertiser to add devices 
  • A maximum of 40 devices can be whitelisted per account
  • Only the admin can delete devices 

Managing the whitelist

Manage your whitelist by adding and deleting devices. There are two ways to add devices to a whitelist. 

Add a device using the AppsFlyer device ID app (Admin only)

To download the AppsFlyer device ID app:

  1. Download and install the app using the QR code (Google Play store) or one of the provided links.



  2. On the Android/iOS/Windows screen, tap the whitelist button.



  3. Enter your AppsFlyer login credentials. The device is now whitelisted. 
  4. Tap Share to share Device ID information using the system share dialogue.

Add a device manually via the user interface

Team members can manually add a device identifier to the list of test devices. 

To add a device to the whitelist:

  1. In AppsFlyer, click your email address dropdown.
  2. Select Test devices.
    The Test Devices page opens.
  3. Click Add device. 
  4. Complete as necessary:
  5. Click Save
    The device now displays in the list of whitelisted devices.

Delete a whitelisted device

Only your account admin can delete test devices. 

To delete a device from the whitelist:

  1. In AppsFlyer, click your email address drop-down.
  2. Select Test devices.
  3. Click the delete icon to remove devices. 
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