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As a mobile apps marketer, you plan to start working with a new ad network. You set up your account with the new ad network, but now you MUST take care of tracking the ad network's installs and post-install events. In the bad old days, this would have required weeks of development and testing time. Back then, you would have to integrate the network's SDK into your own app's code to be able to track its installs and in-app events.

Aujourd'hui, à l'aide du SDK et du tableau de bord AppsFlyer, vous pouvez définir le suivi du trafic mobile avec l'un des 4 000 partenaires intégrés d'AppsFlyer en quelques minutes seulement !

This guide brings the ins and outs of setting up mobile tracking of these integrated partners for your apps.

To see the full list of integrated partners, click here.

To setup the integration tab click here.

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