Changing app time-zone settings

At a glance: Set or change an app-specific time zone in order to view the app's data more closely aligned with your time zone or that of your advertising partners. Understand the effect of time zone changes on the reporting of data within the AppsFlyer platform.

Why change the time zone?

The default time zone for new apps is UTC (UTC +0). If the app time zone is changed, this affects how data appears in the platform.

  • Scenario: You work in a time zone that is not UTC. However, you want app data aligned to your time zone or to the time zone you selected with other partners like Facebook and Google.
  • Goal: Simplify data comparisons between AppsFlyer and other networks.
  • Solution: Align the time zone in the AppsFlyer platform with the other service providers you use. Accurate Daylight savings time is supported by default (not configurable).

Agencies and ad networks:

  • Agencies: view data using the time zone set by the app owner. Agencies can't set the time zone.
  • Ad networks: view data using UTC at all times irrespective of the timezone set by the advertiser. 

Changing the time zone

The account admin can make time-zone changes. 

To change the app time zone:

  1. In AppsFlyer, go to Configuration > App settings.
  2. In Localization Time Zone, select UTC
  3. Click Save settings, then wait 48 hours. 
  4. Go to Configuration > App settings.
  5. In LocalizationTime Zone > select a time zone (per city/country). 
  6. Click Save settings.
    Change takes effect at the beginning of the next day at 00:00 UTC. 


  • October 24 at 22:00, the time zone is changed.
  • October 25 at 00:00 UTC, the change takes effect.

Data presentation after a time-zone change

This Overview dashboard (V1) with time-zone change indicator:


After changing the time-zone:

  • The time zone used in the presentation of data depends on the reporting period and method as detailed in the tables that follow.
  • Aggregate reports will have some anomalies on the day and the day following the time zone change.
    • Cost data is duplicated on the day of the change.

Aggregate data

Report date range

Reporting method  Starts and ends before the change 

Starts and ends after the change 

Starts before and ends after the change
LTV dashboards: Overview, Retargeting, Events, and Custom UTC Current time zone


  • Before the change: UTC
  • After the change: current time zone

Activity dashboard

Previous time zone Current time zone UTC

Cohort, Retention, Pivot

Previous time zone (1) Current time zone (1) UTC
Master API
(1) All apps must use the same app-specific time zone for a given reporting period. If not, then the time zone reverts to UTC.
Raw data reports
  Report date range
Reporting method  Starts and ends before the change Starts and ends after the change Starts before and ends after the change
Export page raw data Current time zone Current time zone Current time zone
Push API

Separate fields for UTC and the app-specific time zone calculated using the selected time zone at the time of the event.

Pull API
Data Locker Not impacted - date fields are in UTC