Adding a new app

At a glance: Adding a new app to an advertiser account in the Dashboard.

Adding a new app

Add App is performed by admins and team members with the Add App capability.

Adding the app requires that you select the app status from one of the following:

App status options
Option  When used What to configure

Available in the App Store/Google Play Store/Windows Phone Store

When the app is available in one of the app stores


승인 대기 중 또는 퍼블리싱 되지 않은 앱
  • Debug app to test the AppsFlyer SDK
  • The status of pending apps is automatically updated as soon as they go live in the App Store/Google Play
  • ioS: Application ID for iOS without the 'id' prefix
  • Android: Package name. Note: App IDs are case sensitive


Android out of store APK Out of store apps
  • Android Package name 
  • Channel Name, such as Amazon.
  • App URL


Add Your App window


 To add a new app:

  1. In the Dashboard, in the upper-right of the page, click Add App.
    The Add App window opens.
  2. Select an app status: (see explanation in the preceding section) 
    • Available in the App Store/Google Play Store/Windows Phone Store

    • Pending approval or unpublished: 

    • Android out of store APK (Standalone, Amazon, etc.)
  3. Select an app store:
    • Apple store
    • Google play
    • Windows store
  4. Complete the App Store URL do so by copying the URL from the app store. Paste in the App Store URL field. 
    • App IDs are case sensitive. 
    • iOS: Use one of the following:
      • (Best practice) Available starting June 14, 2019: links reference, or Example: 
      • Available until June 14, 2019 links reference itunes. Example:
    • Android: https: //
    • Windows: https: //
  5. Time-Zone: Select an appropriate time zone. Align the app time zone with the time zone you set with other attribution partners like Facebook and Google. 
  6. Currency: Select the currency used to display data in the Dashboard. Revenue and spend events are converted to this currency using the rate of exchange in effect at the event time. 
  7. Click Save.
    The app is added

문제 해결

Error: For security reasons, this app could not be added


이 경고는 추가하려는 앱이 AppsFlyer 플랫폼에서 다른 계정으로 이미 등록되어 있는 경우에 발생합니다.

이런 경우, 전담 CSM(있는 경우) 또는 hello@appsflyer.com으로 연락하세요.

Error: The app does not exist in the store


스토어 URL에 있는 정확한 app 이름 또는 ID를 입력하였는지 확인해주세요.

Error: Unable to access marketplace

이 문제는 새로운 Android 앱을 추가할 때 가끔 발생할 수 있습니다. 특히 미국 외의 지역에서 나타납니다. 예) 영국

이슈를 해결하기 위하여, 다음 스텝을 따라주세요:

  1. 앱을 등록대기중 상태로 추가합니다.
  2. 앱 설정 페이지에 갑니다.
  3. 정확한 국가 정보를 입력합니다.
  4. 이후 앱스플라이어가 자동적으로 앱 정보를 업데이트하게 됩니다.
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