Test mobile SDK integration with the app

Тестирование и отладка интеграции SDK

 Test SDK integration before submitting an app to the app store. In this article, SDK refers to both the AppsFlyer iOS and Android SDKs.

Особые случаи тестирования и отладки

Зачем нужно выполнять отладку и тестирование?

Carefully tested integration ensures accurate and comprehensive data collection. By testing the SDK integration, you ensure that installs and in-app events are recorded and attributed correctly. 

Тестирование и отладка интеграции SDK

Use one of the following methods to test and debug SDK integration:

  • Basic testing:
    • Testing the integration using attribution links
    • The  AppsFlyer attribution model utilizes attribution links. Conducting tests using attribution links is recommended.
    • When you test SDK integration using attribution links you get an in-depth insight into the AppsFlyer attribution model. This gives you the opportunity to optimize your marketing operation and analysis.
  • Advanced testing:
    • Debugging directly from the development environment.
    • The SDK integration test section only tests a limited set of features. Test the following in the development environment using the debug log: 
      • Purchase validation
      • Conversion data
      • Errors in SDK setup. You can test these in the development environment with the help of the debug log.

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