PBA Web-to-App dashbaord

At a glance: Use Web-to-App (W2A) to gain insight into the impact of your web marketing efforts on mobile app installs and enhance the performance of web campaigns.

Web-to-App use cases


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Web-to-App analysis

W2A analysis measures the impact of web marketing efforts to drive users to install an app. Advertisers view web involvement in the context of the install event; they can determine the media source that drove website visitors towards app install. 

Install population selection (web-involved installs) 


  • Switch the dashboard view between the different sources (all, organic, and non-organic) depending on the use case and analysis you are performing.
  • The table that follows contains initial use case analysis scenarios. Use it as an initial guide to using W2A. 

Web-involved installs


Total installs

Installs having a web media source involved


  • What is the contribution of web marketing relative to all app installs?
  • How are web marketing efforts distributed between media sources and channels?
  • What is the contribution of smart banners (if any)?


Users begin their journey on the web and install the app without involving a mobile media source. 


  • What portion, if any, of organic installs are driven purely by web traffic?
  • Which are the dominant media channels? 
  • What is the proportion between paid and unpaid (owned, earned) media types?


Users begin their journey on the web. They later engage with a mobile campaign and install.


  • What is the volume of non-organic installs influenced by the web?
  • What web media channels and types influence non-organic installs? 
  • Do your paid mobile media sources overlap with web media sources? 

Use the W2A dashboard tools, described in the sections that follow to:

  • Understand and optimize the impact of web traffic campaigns on your app installs.
  • Enhance the synergy between non-organic app install campaign efforts and web marketing efforts.

W2A analysis principles

To go to PBA dashboards:

  1. My Apps View brand bundles.
  2.  Click Actions > People-based analytics.
  3. Go to Web-to-App tab. 
Principle 描述
W2A population


  • Installs occurring within 30 days of a website visit.
  • Non-organic and organic:
    • 安装
    • Reinstalls including retargeting installs (reattributions)
数据新鲜度 PBA daily

Using the dashboard

Element 描述
Head filters


Install metrics and source view selector


  • Install metrics display the number of app installs by attribution source (organic or non-organic) broken down by:
    (A) installs subsequent to a web visit
    out of
    (B) all app installs.
  • Select total, organic, or non-organic to switch views.
Web media channel chart 


  • The contribution per web media channel in driving installs.
  • Use the chart in combination with the dashboard filters to evaluate the impact of different media channels
Web media source


The contribution per web media source in driving users to install the app.

Web-to-App activity over time


Web activity over time per media channel or media source.

Select a view: 

  • 媒体渠道
  • Media channel
Web and mobile media source to install table


The interaction between web media source and mobile media source.

Metrics available per combination of web/mobile media source indicate the position of the web media source:

  • Installs: The number of installs in which the web media source was determined as the last non-direct web visit.
  • Assisted installs: The number of installs in which the web media source was determined for any web visit, but not the last web visit.