Changing time zone for existing apps

At a glance: Selecting an app-defined time zone enables viewing data that is aligned with your time zone. The default time zone for new apps is UTC +0. Changing the app time zone alters the way in which data is presented in the platform. 

Dashboard overview page with an indication of the time zone change

Why change the time zone

If you work in a time zone that different far from UTC +0 and you want to see the app data aligned with your time zone.

Facebook, Google, and other networks show their conversions in a user-selected time zone selected in their interfaces.  By default, this is the local time of the user. To simplify data comparison between AppsFlyer and other networks you align the time zone in AppsFlyer with that of other service providers you work with.

  • Daylight savings time is supported
  • Updates and changes made to timezone and currency can only be performed Admins.
  • The app-specific time zone is available to app owners and not to agencies. 

Changing the time zone

To change the app time zone:

  1. Go to Configuration > App settings.
  2. In the Localization section, in the Time Zone field, select UTC
  3. Scroll down, Click Save Settings.
    The UTC time zone is selected. 
  4. Wait 48 hours.
  5. Go to Configuration > App settings.
  6. In the Localization section, in the Time Zone field, select a time zone. 
  7. Scroll down, Click Save Settings.
    The new time zone is selected and will come into effect at UTC 24:00. At the beginning of the next day according to UTC.  Note: On the day of the time zone change and the day following, there will be some anomalies in aggregate data.  


  • You change the app time zone on October 24, 2019 at 22:00. The timezone change takes place on October 25, 2019 at 00:00 (UTC +0).
  • You change app the time zone on November 25 at 09:00. The timezone change takes place on November 26, 2019 at 00:00 (UTC +0).

Presentation of the data

Set out below are the ways in which the data is presented.

Dashboard and raw reports

The dashboard and Raw Reports present all data following the change in the currently selected time zone.

Cohort, Retention and Activity Reports show data according to the currently selected time zone, following the time zone change.

When querying data of a date range starting and ending before the time zone change, the data is always according to the old time zone values. When even a part of the date range is after the time zone change, ALL the data is in the new time zone values.

Push API

The Push API supplies parameters in both UTC +0 time zone and the selected time zone.

Push API parameters names that include "_selected_timezone" are in the newly selected time zone, while all other "time" fields are in UTC +0. For the full list of Push API parameters please click here for Android and here for iOS.

Pull API

The Pull API shows by default data according to UTC +0 time zone.

To change this data to the selected time zone, add the following parameter to the Pull API link: &timezone={time zone name}. For example "&timezone=Pacific/Tahiti".
The time zone name value must be from the Canonical ID Column of this list.

Master API

Master API supplies parameters in either UTC +0 time zone or the selected time zone.

Add "&timezone=preferred" to the master API link to get the data in the app's new time zone. Leave this macro out of the link to get the data in UTC +0.

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