Pull API aggregate and raw data reporting

At a glance: Use Pull API to immediately download CSV raw data and aggregate reports. Do so by using URLs containing the query parameters.


Pull API

In AppsFlyer, you can get reports using a number of different methods. The method you use depends on the report size and frequency you use the same report. In general, for reports, you need ad-hoc, use the download/email method.

Pull API is for use by advertisers and agencies.

The Pull API link can be created manually as described in this document or you can retrieve ready prepared links in AppsFlyer. To get the prepared API link, Goto Integration > API access

To use the API link you need a Pull API token. The admin needs to retrieve the Pull API token. To do so, click your email > API Tokens.

If you manually create API links ensure that:

  • Parameters are in lowercase as they are case-sensitive.
  • Don't specify the same field twice in the same link. Doing so results in an empty file.

Changing the AppsFlyer account admin: Pull API links require an API token which is generated when the AppsFlyer account is first created. If the account admin changes then the API token also changes. This means, for example, that if you have pull API URLs contained in scripts, and the account owner changes you need to update the pull API URL with the new API token.

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