Organic vs. non-organic installs

At a glance: Understand the difference between organic and non-organic installs.


Non-organic users are attributed to the media source motivating the install or engagement. In the case of organic users, there is no media source identified with install or engagement.  

Organic vs. non-organic

Organic installs
Not attributed to media sources

Non-organic installs (NOI)
Attributed to media sources

Not attributed has no media source

Attributed to a media source

No attribution due to the following:

  • App was installed without using an attribution link. For example, when the user downloads the app from your site or the app store without engaging with an ad first.
  • Click and app launch couldn't be matched. For example, when data is not available due to privacy policy, or install was attributed by a different MMP first.

Attribution of an install or launch due to any of the following:

  • Use of an AppsFlyer attribution link
  • Click and launch are matched by AppsFlyer
  • Claimed by an SRN


Attribution info:
  • Uses last-click attribution: Last ad interaction gets credit for the app install or action.
  • Only one media source is credited per install.
  • Learn more about AppsFlyer attribution.