Organic vs. non-organic installs

Organic installs

Organic installs are not attributed by AppsFlyer to any media source. Organic installs are generated by users who install the app without an AppsFlyer attribution link, or when the matching of the click and launch was unsuccessful and the click goes to organic.

Non-organic installs

Non-organic installs are traffic that AppsFlyer attributes to a media source.
This means that an app install or launch was performed through an AppsFlyer attribution link. AppsFlyer is then able to match the click and the capture launch using the AppsFlyer SDK. When this occurs the install is attributed to a media source and categorized as non-organic by AppsFlyer. 
Keep in mind that AppsFlyer uses last-click attribution, meaning that the last ad interaction takes credit for the app install or action. AppsFlyer does not credit more than one media source per install. For details of AppsFlyer attribution, click here.
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