Link Discovery

At a glance: See what parameters are included in a given link and understand the expected user experience and link behavior. 


The Link Discovery feature gives advertisers a deeper understanding of the parameters included in their link, as well as the expected user experience the links are supposed to generate.


Link Discovery helps advertisers:

  • Get a deeper understanding of link meaning and behavior.
  • Communicate with their teams responsible for link creation.
  • Confirm link details before publishing the link in a campaign
  • Troubleshoot unexpected behavior.
  • See attribution parameters to know what to look for in the dashboards.

Information available via Link Discovery

Link Discovery shows the following information about a URL:

  • General details: Information about what apps the link is for, creation source (for example, OneLink management page or API), the OneLink template the link is based on, and the link expiration date and renewal period. 
  • Parameters: All the different parameters included in the link and their values, displayed by category.
  • Capabilities: The different capabilities enabled for the link. For example: retargeting, deep linking, social media preview, and social media landing page.
  • Redirection: A summary of how the link is designed to redirect users based on their device, platform, and whether they already have the app installed.

Using Link Discovery

To use Link Discovery and get information about a URL:

  1. In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Engage > Link Discovery.
  2. Enter your URL and click Discover.

Specifications and limitations

Specification Remarks
Links supported by Link Discovery
  • Short or long URLs created via AppsFlyer, whether they are single-platform links or multi-platform links created via OneLink.
  • Links created in the AppsFlyer UI, and via API, SDK, and bulk creation.
  • Links with branded domains.

Not supported

Ad networks Not supported
Impression URLs

Not supported

Cross-platform links Not supported