Bulletin: iAd framework to be removed from the iOS SDK

What's new

Apple announced that any app that contains iAd framework code will no longer launch on iPhone and iPad in two years’ time. iAd framework was mandatory for iOS apps working with Apple Search Ads (ASA) in the past before it was replaced by the Apple Ads Attribution API.

Since version 6.10.1 the AppsFlyer iOS SDK has not been using the iAd framework and relied solely on the Apple Ads Attribution API. However, the framework code was still included in the SDK.

However, the next version of the AppsFlyer iOS SDK (6.12.3) will comply with Apple requirements and not contain any iAd framework code. Version 6.12.3 is expected in mid-November, and we strongly recommend adopting it.

Please note that even if you don’t upgrade your SDK to 6.12.3, Apple provides a 2-year grace period before blocking your app from launching.

Effective date

The future release date of iOS SDK 6.12.3 (November, 2023)

What this impacts

Attribution is not impacted. In fact, since v6.10.1 the AppsFlyer SDK uses the latest ASA AdServices framework and does not rely on the deprecated iAd framework.