Agency account vs. ad network

At a glance: Learn the differences between an Agency account and an Ad Network integration, and the advantages of each.

Agency account

AppsFlyer Agency Solution enables you to manage all your advertiser's performance under one universal dashboard!

Agency Account Key Features:

  • Access to real-time analytics, once our SDK is embedded within the app.
  • Access to all data, including in-app events, generated by the agency.
  • Self-serve dashboard for generating AppsFlyer attribution links which enable the agency to work with 1500+ different Ad Networks.

Click this link to learn more about how to set up an Agency Account.

Ad network integration

As an AppsFlyer integrated partner, your name and logo are presented on the AppsFlyer website. The integration enables you to receive information via postbacks. You'll get an ad network login that holds install and postback information.


Ad networks don’t have access to the Events Dashboard and can see in-app events on Overview Dashboard only after the advertiser enables the Access aggregate in-app events data ad network permission. However, you can export in-app event-related data from the In-app events postback report.

See Ad Network Integration Guide.

To proceed, provide your Click URL, Postback URL, and company logo (a 200x50 transparent PNG).