AppsFlyer IPs for Whitelisting

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Set out below is the current list of IP addresses AppsFlyer uses to:

  • Send postbacks to external networks
  • Send Push API messages to endpoints
  • Upload Audiences

If you use firewalls, whitelist the IP addresses list here. 

To receive server to server responses whitelist incoming messages from AWS IP address Ranges to receive the return messages.

List of AppsFlyer IP addresses to be whitelisted

To download the list of AppsFlyer IPs for whitelisting, click the attachment below.

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  • Hi there.

    The article is updated now with:
    1. Explanation as to who should use the list of IP addresses to whitelist - ad networks receiving postbacks and app owners using push API.
    2. The IP addresses list was unified to a single list. You can copy it using the Copy button or download the list of IPs text on the bottom of the article.
    3. New IPs were NOT introduced, but a few IPs were removed from the list.

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