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Use Audiences to segment users into personalized retargeting campaigns. Split and send the audience list daily to designated advertising partners.


Using audiences segment app users into audiences or groups. Use the groups to run personalized retargeting campaigns, power lookalike targeting campaigns, and define exclusion lists. The audience list is updated daily and split between designated advertising partners. AppsFlyer uploads the audience list to the partner.

Audiences are defined using rules based on:

  • Time ranges
  • In-app event values and attributes. For example, the in-app event is purchase, and the attributes are: shoes, red, high heels. 
  • Dimensions

As you define the segments, the estimated segment size is displayed, as does any overlap that exists between segments. This enables you to scale your retargeting activity effectively.

To manage audiences: Go to Integration > Audiences.

Known limitations

  • At least one positive condition is required to create the base audience, which can be reduced by further negative conditions (eg. installed the app AND did not do af_purchase event).
  • Windows Phone is not supported.
  • Audience names cannot be changed on the connected partners’ side.
  • Nested event values are not supported.
  • When creating an audience, at times, not all the events appear. Only the top 100 are displayed, however, when you begin entering an event name, all the events are shown.
  • The clicks and impressions data only contains devices which have advertising_id / idfa on their original click URL. Therefore devices of users from SRNs, which don't use external attribution links, are not included in the clicks data for audiences.
  • When using the Total Revenue filter within the query builder, the Estimated Audience Size is not available. This does not affect the Audience creation and the Audience list.
  • You cannot combine audiences created by import with other audiences or rulesets.
  • As a security measure, where the account of the team member, who created an audience is deleted, AppsFlyer stops uploading audience data to the advertising partner. To check the upload status of your audiences, go to Integration > Audiences.  To reactivate the audience, in the Audiences window, duplicate the audience, and configure the split audience settings.
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