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AppsFlyer’s rich in-app events provide advertisers with the ability to record any post-install event and attribute it to the originating media sources.

If your users perform registrations, complete tutorials, add items to the shopping cart or make purchases, the in-app events data can show it, with details.

Rich in-app events are essential in determining the value of your users, and the quality of the traffic you get from different media sources. Therefore, although they are optional to implement, AppsFlyer HIGHLY recommends doing so.

Another important aspect of using in-app events, is the ability to map AppsFlyer's in-app events with advanced ad networks. This enables the networks to efficiently optimize on their traffic and sometimes also build highly targeted audiences.

The TrackEvent API

An in-app event is comprised of an event name and event parameters.

You can use any event name string of your choice. However, AppsFlyer's SDK supplies the recommended event names via enumerations and definitions (see the Event Types tab for the list of recommended events and parameter names).

Event names are case sensitive, e.g., by sending both af_purchase and af_PURCHASE as event names, two separate events are created.


Android iOS
public static void trackEvent(Context context, String eventName, Map eventValues)

Use getApplicationContext()
Any string to define the event name.
A map of event parameters that comprise a rich event.

In-App Events for Hybrid Apps

If your app is a hybrid app, see our guide on in-app events for hybrid apps.


Different networks have their own limitations regarding the permitted characters in the event names. To avoid any possible problems AppsFlyer recommends using only lower-case alpha-numeric characters (a-z and 0-9) for your in-app event names.

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