IP masking

At a glance: How to mask app user IP addresses in AppsFlyer raw data reports.

IP masking

If IP masking is on: 

  • User IP addresses aren't listed in raw data reports nor are they provided via postbacks to partners
  • IP address field is populated with the value
  • Installs performed before enabling IP masking aren't masked


  • The IP-masking setting follows this path: disabled, enabled, and then disabled. 
  • Three users install the app on different dates as shown in the app install table
  • The IP masking and raw data report table below shows the status of the IP-masking setting and related raw data on the relevant dates.
App install
Install date User ID

 IP address

January 2 User_A 
January 7 User_B 
January 14 User_C 
IP masking and raw data
Date IP masking setting status

 Raw data report

January 1 Disabled User A
January 2 Enabled User_A
January 8 Enabled User_A
January 9 Disabled


January 15 Disabled


Enabling IP masking

IP masking is set per app and affects installs from all sources.

To enable IP masking:

  1. Go to Configuration > App Settings.
  2. In the App settings window, scroll down to Advanced.
  3. Select Enable IP Masking in Raw Reports.
    IP masking is enabled. 

IP masking in raw data reports

When IP masking is activated:

  • New installs and in-app events show an IP address of 
  • Location-related parameters, like country and city, still appear in raw data reports.

Example raw data report