AppsFlyer server IP address ranges (allowlisting)

At a glance: AppsFlyer IP addresses used for API outgoing requests.

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AppsFlyer APIs provide attribution and reporting services to advertisers and business partners.  The services include:

  • Sending postbacks 
  • Sending Push API messages
  • Uploading Audiences
  • Reporting APIs

If you use network perimeter devices such as firewalls and proxy servers allowlist the AppsFlyer IP addresses listed. 

if you implement server to server (S2S) messages, allowlist incoming messages from AWS IP addresses. Enabling you to receive endpoint response messages.

Appsflyer IP addresses 

Date of the most recent change to the list: April 17, 2018.

 Download the IP allowlist
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  • Hi there.

    The article is updated now with:
    1. Explanation as to who should use the list of IP addresses to register - ad networks receiving postbacks and app owners using push API.
    2. The IP addresses list was unified to a single list. You can copy it using the Copy button or download the list of IPs text on the bottom of the article.
    3. New IPs were NOT introduced, but a few IPs were removed from the list.

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  • Update there have been no changes to this list since April 17, 2018.

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