GameAnalytics integration with AppsFlyer

At a glance: Game Analytics, an AppsFlyer integrated partner, is a powerful free tool that helps developers understand player behavior so they can improve engagement, reduce churn, and perfect monetization. It helps to visualize core gaming KPIs in one convenient view and offers in-game benchmarking to see how your metrics stack up against more than 14,000 similar titles.

It takes just a few minutes to set up and it’s totally free of charge – no usage caps or hidden premium features! If you’d rather see the platform in action before integrating it with your title, just sign up to see a demo game with pre-populated data.

The platform is trusted by more than 40,000 game developers worldwide, from indies to world-renowned studios, and handles over five billion unique events every day across 2+ billion devices. GameAnalytics is widely integrated, with SDKs for every major game engine and platform. You can sign up for free today at


Some media sources restrict sharing data with third parties. Therefore, postbacks for restricted events won't be sent to this partner, regardless of the configured selection for sending postbacks.

Setting up GameAnalytics

Prerequisite: Before setting up the integration, make sure you contact the partner and open an account with them.

To activate or edit the integration:

  1. To activate: In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Collaborate Partner Marketplace.
    To edit: In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Collaborate Active Integrations.
  2. Search for the partner and select it.
  3. Click Set up integration. You’re directed to the integration setup page.
  4. In the Integration tab, select the app for the integration and turn Activate partner on.
    Note: The toggle must be on (activated) for as long as you work with the partner.
  5. Complete the configuration using the relevant tabs, as described below.

The Game Analytics configuration window only makes use of the Integration tab.

For a detailed description of the Partner Configuration Window Header, click here.

Integration tab

The Integration Tab is divided into different sections as described below.

Activate partner

On the first visit here, you will need to toggle ON the Activate Partner button to enable the setup of the integration tab's parameters. The toggle MUST be ON for as long as you work with the partner.
For more details about partner activation please click here.

General settings

Game Key

Game Analytics connects with AppsFlyer via a unique Game Key. If you don't already have it, you must obtain it from Game Analytics to continue with the integration.


Default postbacks

AppsFlyer can send automatic postbacks to Game Analytics user installs. Use this section to define sending these postbacks.


Select Events attributed to any partner or organic to send postbacks for any user that downloads the app to Game Analytics or select Off.

In-app event settings

In this section you can map your AppsFlyer events with Game Analytics via postbacks.

  1. Enter the Game Key again.
  2. Toggle In-App Event Postbacks to ON
  3. Select the Sending Option for all SDK-defined events.
    - Only events attributed to this partner for events coming only from users attributed to this partner
    - Events attributed to any partner or organic to have your entire user base available to be reported to the partner
  4. Click Add Event to add an SDK Event to the list
  5. Complete the following parameters:
Parameter Name Description
SDK Event Name The name of the event, as received by AppsFlyer either from the SDK integrated with your app, or from server to server events.
Tip - If you don't see the event you want in the list, make sure to activate the event on a device with a non-organic installation and recheck.
Partner Event Identifier The unique name or ID of each event as defined on Game Analytics's side.
Obtain the corresponding Event ID from Game Analytics and set it in the text field.
Send Revenue When unchecked - AppsFlyer sends all the parameters of the rich in-app event to the partner, except for the revenue parameter, which is contained in the af_revenue parameter.
When checked - AppsFlyer sends all the parameters including the revenue value (if it exists in the event).

Click Save.

Once this configuration is saved, AppsFlyer begins sending the following data to Game Analytics for every non-organic install:

  • game_key
  • Media Source
  • Campaign name

Attribution link tab

Attribution Links are not available for Game Analytics.

Cost tab

Cost data is not supported in the integration with this partner.

Ad revenue tab

Ad Revenue is not supported in the integration with this partner.

Permissions tab

Permissions are not available for Game Analytics.