At a glance: How to mask app user IP addresses in AppsFlyer raw data reports.


If enabled: 

  • User IP addresses are not listed in raw data reports.
  • IP address field is populated with the value
  • Installs performed before enabling IP masking aren't masked. 


  • The IP-masking setting follows this path: disabled, enabled, and then disabled. 
  • Three users install the app on different dates as shown in the app install table
  • IP-masking and raw data report table show the status of the IP-masking setting and related raw data on the relevant dates.
App install
Install date User ID

 IP address

January 2 User_A 
January 7 User_B 
January 14 User_C 
IP-masking and raw data
Date IP masking setting status

 Raw data report

January 1 Disabled User A
January 2 Enabled User_A
January 8 Enabled User_A
January 9 Disabled


January 15 Disabled


Enabling IP-masking

IP-masking is set per app and affects installs from all sources.

To enable IP-masking:

  1. Go to Configuration > App Settings.
  2. In the App settings window, scroll down to Advanced.
  3. Select Enable IP Masking in Raw Reports.
    IP-masking is enabled. 

IP-masking in raw data reports

IP-masking is activated:

  • New installs and in-app events show an IP address of 
  • Location-related parameters, like country and city, still appear in raw data reports.

Example raw data report 



  • For organic in-app events: IP-masking populates these events with a hashed IP address.


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