Using Firebase and Google Tag Manager with AppsFlyer



AppsFlyer’s integration with Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Firebase allows the developer to send in-app events to Firebase using Firebase SDK, and have these events also sent to AppsFlyer using Google Tag Manager. This means that there is no need to send the same event twice.

All events that are sent using GTM are modeled after AppsFlyer in-app events. The event name, parameters and structure are all the same. If you already have GTM in your app, using it to send events to AppsFlyer is straightforward.

This guide shows how to use Google Tag Manager to send a purchase event. The steps and instructions listed in this guide are relevant for any event that you wish to send.


Events that are sent using GTM are sent as server-to-server events. In raw data reports for in-app events, the event source appears as s2s.

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