Migrate from Firebase Dynamic Links to AppsFlyer

At a glance: Transition from Firebase Dynamic Links to AppsFlyer easily using our migration step-by-step guide


With the announcement by Google that they will shut down Firebase Dynamic Links, now is the time to easily migrate to AppsFlyer. 


AppsFlyer offers a zero plan. This plan is free forever and allows you to get started using OneLink.

How to migrate from Firebase to AppsFlyer


Before you start to migrate, ensure you have the following:

  1. Your dynamic links from Firebase
  2. Your App developer

1. Account creation

Who is needed - Marketer

2. Add the app

Who is needed - Marketer


3. Configure OneLink template

Who is needed - Marketer and App developer

 A OneLink template forms the basis of the redirection logic for all OneLink links that you create for your various marketing campaigns. A template is required for creating links and end-user experiences.


4. Set up the SDK

Who is needed - App developer

The AppsFlyer SDK integrated into the app is the link between the app and the AppsFlyer platform. It provides:

  • Deep linking -  The SDK enables unified deep linking (UDL) implementation
  • Attribution - The SDK reports app installs, app opens, in-app events, and so on.

Integrate AppsFlyer SDK in your app using the steps below.

AppsFlyer SDK integration steps

  1. Integrate the AppsFlyer SDK into the app.
    See the guides for Android and iOS SDK integration.
  2. Map in-app events you want to be recorded, using the AppsFlyer schemes.
    This can be done via SDK or S2S.
  3. Handle Firebase's SDK.
    You can switch exclusively to AppsFlyer, or run both SDKs simultaneously for a few weeks. View a breakdown of these options in the table below.
    Option What happens after
    updated app version release
    Remove Firebase's SDK (recommended) Only AppsFlyer records new installs and updating users.
    Firebase still shows events performed by users, until the users update their app too.
    • Fast transition
    • No double attribution
    • Allows you to see if you have any lingering app versions with the Firebase SDK still on them
    Keep Firebase's SDK for a transition period AppsFlyer and Firebase attribute new installs and report events. At a later date, remove the Firebase SDK.
    • Data validation is possible. Meaning, you can compare data from AppsFlyer and Firebase
    • Double attribution, which may cause double charges with ad networks
    • Higher workload
  4. After all other tasks in the scope of work are completed, update the app version with AppsFlyer SDK to the market. New users are attributed by AppsFlyer. 
    • Make sure to update the app for iOS, Google Play, and any relevant Android out-of-store markets.
    • Your Android app may exist on unofficial APK sites, even if you don't know it (search the web for your app's package name to find out). APK sites take some time to update to the latest version, so they may bring organic users, which install old versions without AppsFlyer SDK.
    • App update rollouts in the app stores can take a couple of days to fully complete. Users installing during this phase may still get the previous version.

5. Understand Parameter Mapping

Who is needed - App developer

Understand how Firebase Dynamic Links parameters map to AppsFlyer's corresponding parameters.

Correct mapping and understanding of the corresponding parameters will ensure your links gets the same results.

The table below lists all of Firebase's parameters and the corresponding AppsFlyer parameters.

Use this table as a reference for all the parameters you currently use when you migrate to AppsFlyer. 


If a Firebase parameter isn't listed, it is because AppsFlyer covers this in the OneLink template setup without you needing to put a parameter in your links.

Grouping Firebase AppsFlyer Description
Mobile parameters link
  • af_dp
  • deep_link_value
  • af_dp - URI scheme used as a fallback method to launch iOS and Android apps.
  • deep_link_value - Value name for the specific in-app content that users will be directed to.

Android parameters
afl af_android_url Allows to redirect Android users to a customized web page
iOS parameters

ifl af_ios_url Allows to redirect iOS users to a customized web page
efr af_force_deeplink Used to force an iOS app to open using the af_dp URI scheme. Without this, the app won't open using the URI scheme
Other platform URL ofl af_web_dp Allows to redirect desktop users to a customized web page

Social tags

st af_og_title Used to customize the title of shared content on Social media
sd af_og_description Used to customize the description of shared content on social media
si af_og_image Used to customize the image of shared content on social media



Analytic parameters 

utm_source pid Media Source
utm_medium af_channel Identifies the media source channels where your ads are distributed
utm_campaign c Campaign name
utm_term af_keywords Keywords list for text-targeted campaigns
utm_content af_adset Collection of ads associated with a campaign

6. Migrate

Who is needed - Marketer

Using your mapped parameters, you can create OneLink links on your OneLink template.

Links can be created using the AppsFlyer dashboard, in bulk through a CSV, programmatically with our OneLink API, in the SDK, or through long links.

Use the following table to determine which method best works for your use.

Firebase AppsFlyer Use it if Notes
Firebase console

OneLink Management page

You would like to create OneLink links one by one. In this way, you can utilize the full OneLink features and possibilities  
Dynamic Link Builder API SDK You want to create In-app programmatically generated links for uses such as user invites and referrals
  • Requires iOS or Android developer
Firebase REST API OneLink API You would like to create links programmatically outside the mobile app
  • Requires a developer
  • Not available on the free plan
Manual link construction Long links You would like to manually construct the link with its query parameters. Use if you don't require short links For example if the link will be behind a button or a banner  
  Bulk Links page

You would like to migrate all your Firebase dynamic links in bulk to AppsFlyer.

This is recommended to quickly move over all your links without any errors

  Smart Script If you would like to construct a long link dynamically in a web page for a web-to-app experience
  • Click here to learn if Smart Script has features that could be more suitable for you.