Bulletin: Get Meta ads attribution in raw data reports with the Meta install referrer

What's new

Meta install referrer helps with attribution measurement for your ad campaigns in Meta apps (Facebook and Instagram). This is in addition to the Google Play Install Referrer.

Effective date

Feb 28, 2024



Make sure of the following:

  • You have the AppsFlyer SDK version V6.12.6 or later to ensure the referrer data is passed properly
  • The Install Referrer decryption key on the integration page is entered
  • The versions described here are installed on your user devices

Required actions

Configure the Meta install referrer support

What must I know?

Referrer data has priority over data provided via the Meta ads integration and is available in raw data reports. This solution applies to both click-through attribution and view-through attribution.

What's the impact?

  • You may see an increase in Meta-attributed installs in raw data reports
  • Two new match type fields are now included in raw data reports:
    • fb_referrer for attribution from the Facebook app
    • ig_referrer for attribution from the Instagram app