Bulletin: First install attribution for post-reinstall in-app events


What's new

This enhancement attributes all in-app events and sessions, following a reinstall, to the original media source that drove it (’first install’), rather than labeling it as ‘organic unattributed’.

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 8.44.30.png

Effective date

July 31, 2024



Required actions


What must I know?

Post-reinstall in-app events can only be attributed to the first installer if they include an advertising ID (for example, IDFA or GAID). Otherwise, they will be labeled as ‘organic unattributed.’

What's the impact?
  • A potential increase in the number of in-app events and sessions that are attributed to the first install following a reinstall, along with a corresponding decrease in the attributions classified as 'organic' for such events.
  • A potential increase in the MAU (Monthly Active Users) count for media sources originally attributed, and a decrease in the MAU count for organic sources.