Amazon Fire tv attribution procedure



Amazon Fire TV is the latest offering from Amazon Advertising. App owners can now advertise and attribute app installs generated from the Amazon Fire TV advertising. 

Amazon apps are Android apps, which exist out of the Google Play app store. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set up attribution for Amazon Fire TV ads.

Set up Amazon Fire TV Install Attribution 

Step 1: develop an Amazon fire tv app

The following documentation provides information on how to create your app to advertise on Amazon Fire TV.

Step 2: Publish the app to the Amazon store

The following documentation provides information on how to publish your app in the Amazon Appstore.

Step 3: setup attribution for Amazon fire tv app

There are two methods for attributing your Amazon Fire TV app:

1. Single app

See data for your app across different platforms, including Amazon, under a single app's dashboard.

The Single App solution is recommended for advertisers, that need to see all non-organic installs and in-app events from all markets, under a single app's dashboard on AppsFlyer.

For details about implementing the Single app solution go here.

2. Multiple apps

Create a separate copy of your app per app store it is featured on. With this method each copy has its own app dashboard on AppsFlyer.

The Multiple apps solution is recommended for advertisers that prefer knowing the out-of-store markets where their organic users came from, to seeing the results under a single app.

For details about implementing the Multiple apps solution go here.

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