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Jul–Dec 2021
Published Feature/arena What's new Article links & details
2021-07-20 SKAdNetwork Integration with Google  Google SKAdNetwork reporting
2021-07-19 Reporting SKAdNetwork support for agencies SKAdNetwork agency attribution by AppsFlyer
2021-07-14 Reporting Report availability Aggregated attribution report
2021-07-14 Reporting Feature availability Reports delivered to partners via Data Locker
2021-07-08 Audiences New UI design Audiences
2021-07-07 Xpend Add agency fees to total ad cost Agency fee rules
2021-07-04 Push API SKAdNetwork support SKAdNetwork messages sent via Push API

What's new Jan–Jun 2021

Jan–Jun 2021
Published Feature/arena What's new Article links & details
2021-06-27 Protect360

See the types of fraud your traffic experiences

Fraud reasons chart

2021-06-27 Smart Banners

Add parameters after banner displays

updateParams method

2021-06-17 Data Locker

Advertisers can choose to receive all account apps in one file or separate reports per app.

Data Locker—Unified or segregation by app

2021-06-16 Raw data

Field order

Select the field order in reports.

Use the Legacy option to get reports using the sequence in the legacy export data page.

2021-06-14 SDK information dashboard

iOS 14 and ATT metrics

SDK information (version & consent) dashboard.

2021-06-07 SKAdNetwork

Custome decode revenue ranges 

Support revenue ranges. This includes a change in the CSV format.

Custom conversion with revenue ranges.

2021-06-02 Integrated partners

Attribution link

Save the current attribution link for a given partner for reuse or modifications in the future.

2021-06-02 My plan / Invoices

Conversion usage reports

Customers can now download reports of the conversions charged to their plan—detailed by app, day, media source, and conversion type.


AppsFlyer invoices and usage reports

2021-05-27 Protect360

Protect360 installs dashboard displays hijacked installs attribution corrections data

Hijacked installs attribution correction chart

2021-05-20 Developer hub

Dev hub has SDK implementation recipes for developers to easily follow

Developer hub recipes

2021-05-20 Protect360

Validation Rules can be managed via API

Validation Rules API

2021-05-19 OneLink

OneLink can redirect to third-party app stores

OneLink redirection to third-party app stores

2021-05-13 Data Locker

SKAdNetwork reports

SKAdNetwork reports are available in your bucket (AWS or GCS) without need for a Data Locker subscription.

2021-05-12 Aggregated Advanced Privacy (AAP)

Click and impression reports

Data available via click and impression reports is limited by AAP rules
2021-05-11 Protect360

Validation rule estimated impact

View validation rule impact

2021-04-26 Aggregated Advanced Privacy (AAP)  Initial release

Aggregated Advanced Privacy (AAP) restricts user-level attribution data for non-consenting users running iOS 14.5+ 

2021-04-20 Protect360

Fraudulent installs and sessions from retargeting campaigns are blocked 

Protect360 raw data reportsretargeting

2021-04-04 Ad revenue

New monetization network aggregate reporting API

Ad revenue monetization network aggregate reporting API

2021-03-08 Protect360

New ProtectLITE dashboard for customers without Protect360

ProtectLITE dashboard and reporting

2021-03-04 Raw data

New Export data page now available to ad networks and agencies

Export data page raw-data reports (V2)

2021-03-01 :pba: PBA

Brand bundles with more than one mobile app per platform

PBA brand bundles and settings

2021-02-17 Attribution

Minimum time between sessions

Bulletin: Minimum time between sessions

  • Change in session measurement calculation
  • Advertisers have full control to configure minimum time between sessions (per app) based on what best suits their users' behavior and interaction style with the app
2021-02-16 SKAdNetwork

Custom conversion mapping (decode)

Custom conversion value decode for SKAdNetwork

2021-02-16 SKAdNetwork

Support for S2S in-app events

SKAdNetwork Solution guide: Report events by server-to-server API

2021-02-16 Integrated partners

Apple Ads Attribution API (AdServices)

Bulletin: Apple Search Ads integration

The AdServices framework allows attribution to Apple Search Ads for all App Tracking Transparency (ATT) permission states:

  • Complies with iOS 14 user-data privacy policy
  • Does not utilize IDFA
2021-02-03 Help and support

Resource Center

The AppsFlyer Help menu now consolidates extensive help resources all in a single location:

  • Access to the Help Center
  • Product updates
  • Reports and guides
  • Submission of help requests to the Support team
2021-01-25 My apps

Streamlined process for adding an app

Adding a new app
2021-01-25 SKAdNetwork

Facebook and AppsFlyer SKAdNetwork interoperability

  • Interoperability enables Facebook to share SKAdNetwork postback data with AppsFlyer and enables us to share your conversion value measurement bits (mapping) with Facebook.
  • Coming soon: Visibility of SKAdNetwork attribution data for Facebook in AppsFlyer
2021-01-18 :onelink:OneLink

Smart Banner design options

  • Smart Banners have new design options and are more responsive to different browsers/devices. 
  • Banner previews are available per device. 
2021-01-18 Xpend/Ad revenue

Integrations status dashboard

Dashboard to view status for cost and ad revenue integrations
2021-01-13 SKAdNetwork Twitter integration

SKAdNetwork attribution data for Twitter available in AppsFlyer starting 10-Jan-2021

2021-01-13 SKAdNetwork Transaction ID sharing with partners
  • Enhanced postback-to-partners engine to allow sharing of transaction ID as part of the integration postback template
  • Advertisers have full control to turn sharing on/off (per app per partner).
2021-01-11 Cohort dashboard

Cohort report hourly granularity

Cohort dashboard
2021-01-06 Android referrer matching

Samsung Galaxy Store

Setting up multi-store Android attribution

What's new July–Dec 2020

Published Feature/arena What's new Article links & details
2020-12-23  SKAdNetwork SKAdNetwork raw data reports SKAdNetwork raw data reports via Data Locker
2020-12-23 SKAdNetwork

Pull API


SKAdNetwork postback aggregate reporting API 
2020-12-23 :p_360: Protect360 Single raw data report for blocked installs

A single source of truth for all blocks, whether resulting from:

2020-12-23 :p_360: Protect360 Validation Rules

New install condition available, providing option to block installs from out-of-store/out-of-Google Play

2020-12-21 Integrated Partners Deactivate unused integrations Partner activation/deactivation
2020-12-17 :onelink:OneLink

Smart Script

OneLink Smart Script—Web-to-app URL generator
2020-12-10 Data sharing with ad networks Advanced privacy Advanced privacy data sharing settings
2020-12-09 Data Locker Write data to your bucket Advertisers select between an AppsFlyer bucket or their own bucket
2020-12-07 :p_360: Protect360 Validation Rules Validation Rules page has a new layout and design, and increased functionality/options.
2020-11-23 :p_360: Protect360 Post-attribution data Post-attribution reports display valid contributor for hijacked installs/in-app events. 
2020-11-11 :onelink:OneLink Link validator OneLink templates let AppsFlyer automatically generate the files to verify your domain for Universal Links and App Links. Test using the link validator.
2020-11-04 :onelink:OneLink deep_link_paramater Simplifies OneLink setup and reduce the need for af_dp in deep linking
2020-11-04 Activity dashboard Events activity chart Activity dashboard in-app events available in the chart
2020-11-02 :audiences-2020:Audiences User attributes Segment audiences using your first-party data.
2020-10-29 App Clips App Clips integration Apple App Clips integration with iOS SDK and OneLink
2020-10-21 Incrementality Product launch Measure remarketing campaigns
2020-10-19 Raw data Get 1M records  Reports return up to 1M records
2020-10-19 Aggregate data SKAdNetwork aggregate data report Available via report download
2020-10-11 In-app event sending to partners Bulk action settings Configure multiple events 
2020-10-06 Team member permissions

Geo & media source limitations

Admins can restrict team member access to specific Geos and Media sources
2020-10-05 Audit logs Audit log for API calls Download audit logs
2020-10-01 Attribution Web campaign-to-app attribution App users who converted through a campaign that leads to a website are attributed via Web campaign-to-app attribution.
2020-09-30 Integrated partners Sort by relevance On opening the page, the partner list is sorted by relevance
2020-09-30 Attribution Fields and features
2020-09-23 Data exchange Agency raw-data access

Advertisers grant agencies raw-data access



2020-09-23 :pba: PBA Web SDK integration testing

Immediate web SDK integration tests

2020-09-17 Ad revenue Partner integration update

blobid0.png AdMob integration is available to all clients.

AdSense deprecation: October 30, 2020. 

2020-09-15 Xpend cost API Status page API cost integration page in AppsFlyer
2020-09-13 Integrated partners Indicators Active indicators for agency accounts
2020-09-09 Platform Get app list API

Advertisers get the list of apps housed in their account

Ad networks get the list of apps accessible to them by capability

2020-09-09 Xpend Cost ETL (beta)  Aggregated campaign cost in a bucket
2020-09-07 :audiences-2020:Audiences Google Ads integration Integrate with UACe and DV360 
2020-09-03 Xpend Product launch Expend cost aggregation
2020-09-02 Platform 2FA authentication 2FA self-service
2020-09-01 Ad revenue Product enhancement Aggregate ad revenue reported as the day of the ad display event.
2020-08-31 :p_360: Protect360 & validation rules Postbacks

Advertisers: events postback setup
Partners: Rejected postbacks
Partners: setup guide
Partners: Postback macros

2020-08-31 :SKAdNetwork SKAdNetwork Simulation dashboard

SKAd simulation

2020-08-26 Cost integration Additional partners, additional parameters 

Tencent, WeChat, CrossInstall, Ad Action Interactive, Global Wide Media, Youappi Retargeting, Dataseat, Pinsight, Appgrowth, Point2Web, KPM BORO, Domobc DSP

2020-08-23 Cohort Real-time Real-time cohort
2020-08-20 :pba: PBA Google Ads integration Google Ads web campaign data
2020-08-18 :pba: PBA In-app events in conversion paths  Conversion paths
2020-08-04 iOS SDK V6 (beta) iOS 14 support, IDFA changes
2020-08-04 Android referrer matching

Huawei app store

Referrer matching for alternative Android stores
2020-07-30 :p_360: Protect360

Raw data reports via API for Ad networks

Blocked and post-attribution fraud reports via API for ad networks
2020-07-29 :pba: PBA web SDK

Compliance consent banner support 

Set user opt-in/opt-out preferences
2020-07-28 :pba: PBA dashboard filter options

Enhanced filter pane

Unified design for all PBA dashboards
2020-07-21 App transfer

Self-service app transfer

Transfer app ownership
2020-07-20 Facebook limited data use

CCPA compliance

Control Facebook data use for California residents
2020-07-14 Cohort

Saved reports

Define a report and save it for later use
2020-07-14 Deferred deep linking

Google Ads

Deeplinking with Google Ads
2020-07-14 Retargeting sessions

Availability of metrics and raw data

Retargeting sessions are currently available in Cohort retargeting and unified view, and via Data Locker
2020-07-07 :p_360: Protect360

Post-attribution reports via the Export Data page

Post-attribution installs post-attribution in-app events reports available via the Export Data page in addition to Pull API.
2020-07-01 :pba: People-Based Attribution Web-to-App dashboard 
  • Added Web-to-App installs metric (organic and non-organic installs) with context to overall installs
  • Includes:
    • Paid installs (previously only organic and owned)
    • Reinstalls and retargeting re-installs

What's new Jan–June 2020

Jan-June 2020
Published What's new Feature Article links & details
2020-06-30 Product enhancement

OneLink & Link management

Improved setup process and simplified guides
2020-06-18 Report availability


Post-attribution installs report available via Data Locker
2020-06-17 Product enhancement

Ad revenue

User-level ad revenue reported as the day of the ad display event.
2020-06-17 Product enhancement

Out-of-store attribution links

Set out-of-store default download URL for attribution links
2020-06-15 Product enhancement

Smart Banners

Simpler user interface, banner groups, and rules-based geo, scheduling, and URL path.
2020-06-10 New raw-data report


Conversion paths raw-data via Data Locker
2020-06-08 Commercial  Pricing plans Pricing plans: Zero, growth, and enterprise
2020-06-08 Product enhancement


Post-attribution in-app event report via Pull API. 
2020-06-02 Partner integration


Twitter cost integration by API
2020-05-27 Security

Team member permissions

Restrict team members from adding or editing integrated partners.
2020-05-19 Product enhancement

Social media landing pages

Creative templates
2020-05-13 Product enhancement


ROAS metric available. Calculated as revenue / cost. Available in the user interface and API
2020-05-13 Product enhancement Cohort User-level ad revenue reported as the day of the ad display event.
2020-05-12 New product People-based Attribution Server-to-server events API for PBA (Web-S2S)
2020-05-04 Payment methods AppsFlyer account Payments to AppsFlyer
2020-05-07 Product enhancement Analytics 
  • Activity dashboard: option to measure Activity KPI between different periods
  • Live Alerts: open to unlimited number of alerts to all customers.
  • Custom Dashboard: Covid-19 template and option within the widget creation to reflect date range of pre-covid19 period.
2020-04-28  Product enhancement GDPR API

Request failure messages in GDPR

2020-04-27 New Product People-based Attribution

Conversion Paths dashboard

2020-04-19 Change to data availability Raw data

What is the restricted media source

2020-04-19 Client action required to receive data Facebook user-level data

Facebook updated Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) Terms of Service

2020-04-06 New Product Cohort reporting API Get Cohort data by API
2020-03-26 Product enhancement Master API/Protect360

Align Protect360 KPIs in Master API

2020-03-25 Product enhancement Ad revenue API test connection

Test connection on enabling ad revenue API

2020-03-25 New raw data reports Ad revenue

Ad revenue raw data available via the Export data page and Pull API. 

2020-03-24 Product enhancement Push API V2.0

Filter by in-app events

2020-03-20 Product launch Branded links Use your domain to brand OneLink links
2020-03-09 Product enhancement Smart Banners Supporting mobile web UTM parameters for attribution
2020-03-03 Reporting enhancement Aggregate dashboards, reporting APIs
  • Cost by (grouped by) Site ID for Applovin now supported.
  • The group by Site ID enhancement will be rolled out to additional integrated partners going forward. 
2020-02-25 Product enhancement Audiences Create audiences based on the app owners Customer user ID. Group in-app events made by a single user across devices
2020-02-24 Data delivery  Push API V2.0
  • Field list aligned with AppsFlyer raw data V5.0 specification
  • 40 additional attribution fields
  • Selectable fields
  • Migration guide
  • Push API V1.0 sunset will be on August 31, 2020. 
2020-02-24 Product enhancement Validation rules
2020-02-18 Partner postback granularity Integrated partners postback settings In-app postback sending options at the in-app level
2020-02-16 Dashboard enhancement Integrated partners Cost tab

Deleting integrated partner cost account credentials (OAUTH)

2020-02-09 Article revamp Subscription attribution guide

Contains detailed procedures on integrating Google Play Developer API and Apple Status Update Notification to send subscription-related in-app events to AppsFlyer.

2020-02-09 Article update iOS SDK integration guide

Updated integration instructions with new code snippets to support iOS 13 and scene delegate.

2020-02-06 Raw data fields Data delivery tools 

Additional fields: Apple store reinstall, Keyword ID

2020-01-30 Partner integration Adobe Launch SDK

Full end-to-end instructions for integrating Adobe Launch SDK.

2020-01-28 Dashboard enhancement Cohort

Cohort unified view. View combined UA and retargeting (re-engagement/re-attribution) campaign performance in a single report

2020-01-27 Retargeting enhancement



  • Configure different lookback windows for re-engagement (click-through and view-through)
  • Enable/disable view-through for re-engagement (separate from the install settings).
2020-01-22 Partner integration enhancement TikTok ads

Cost API available

2020-01-15 Article revamp React Native Plugin

Improved structure and detail in the React Native Plugin guide

2020-01-15 Dashboard enhancement Overview dashboard

Changing campaign names 

2020-01-14 New article Attribution best practice 

Attributing podcasts

2020-01-14 Dashboard enhancement Retargeting

Additional KPI: Ad network impressions 

2020-01-14 Partner integration enhancement Apple Search Ads

Support multi Apple Search ads accounts

2020-01-14 Data delivery enhancement Data Locker

Organic uninstalls report

2020-01-14 Raw data fields Data delivery tools 

Additional fields: Deeplink URL, Device download time, OAID

2020-01-12 Data delivery enhancement People-based Attribution raw data

New web-to-app raw data report

2020-01-08 Attribution enhancement Smart Banners

Set smart banner media source attribution:

  • Fixed value
  • Value derived from UTM parameters
2020-01-07 SDK integration People-based Attribution, Smart Banners Implement both People-based Attribution and Smart Banners using one web SDK.
2020-01-06 SDK integration Ad revenue attribution  Get user-level ad revenue from MoPub by SDK in the app (open beta)
2020-01-01 User interface API access Location of the Pull API key

What's new July–Dec 2019

July-Dec 2019
Published Type Where What
2019-12-23 New ESP integration Iterable ESP New ESP integration
2019-12-23 Dashboard enhancement Cohort Conversion time trend — view performance of a selected KPI over time
2019-12-16 Data delivery  Push API V2.0
  • Field list aligned with AppsFlyer raw data V5.0 specification
  • 40 additional attribution fields
  • Migration guide
2019-12-12 Data delivery  Protect360 Post attribution Pull API 
2019-12-11 Dashboard enhancement Ad revenue attribution
2019-12-04 Attribution enhancement OneLink API
  • API creation rate limit increased to 250k.
  • Option to generate shortlinks with branded links.
2019-12-02 Dashboard  product launch

Ad Spend Ingestion

  • Ad Spend Ingestion provides advertisers with 100% coverage of their spend reporting needs.
  • Advertisers are able to record the ad spend (cost) from media sources that don't report spend by API or click.
  • Ad Spend Ingestion for ad networks
2019-11-27 New article

Owned media

Texting desktop users a link to your mobile app

2019-11-19 Data delivery enhancement

Data Locker

Retargeting impressions report 

2019-11-18 Product enhancement

Link management

Landing page for social apps

2019-11-18 Dashboard enhancement

Overview dashboard 

Change Facebook Ads campaign names 

2019-11-13 Dashboard enhancement

Activity dashboard

  • Metric KPIs display in real-time
  • Average KPIs are updated daily
2019-11-12 SDK major release

SDK V5.0 

V5.0 Release notes

iOS guide

Android guide


  • Alignment of method names in iOS and Android SDKs
  • Improve conversion data response times to <3 seconds in 99% of cases
2019-11-11 Dashboard enhancement
Keyword cost
Apple Search Ads
  • Aggregate keyword cost data is available in Cohort, Pivot, and Master API.
  • Dimension: Date, Campaign, Adset, Ad
  • Historical data: From October 13, 2019 
2019-11-07 Attribution SRN Deferred deep linking  Snapchat

Implement deferred deep linking in Snaphchat

2019-11-05 Access for agencies Protect360

Protect360 is accessible to agencies. Advertiser permission required.


Product release


People-based Attribution (PBA)

Initial product release. PBA is a unified view of customers' journeys no matter the channel, platform, or device.

2019-10-22 Article revamp iOS SDK Guide for developers 
  • Improved structure and format
  • A new API reference section, with Objective-C and Swift examples

Product enhancement


Control groups functionality

2019-10-06 Plugin Flutter

Flutter UI toolkit for building natively compiled apps using a single codebase

2019-10-10 Integration enhancement Facebook ads

Support for Facebook pre-defined events  

2019-09-24 Access for agencies  Cohort analytics

Cohort is accessible by agencies. Advertiser permission required.

2019-09-24 Product enhancement Custom link management

Instagram deep linking support

2019-09-18 Integration enhancement Google Ads 

Retargeting with configurable lookback re-engagement windows

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