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Jul–Dec 2021
Published Feature/arena What's changing Article links & details
2021-11-22 OneLink Create OneLink custom links in bulk OneLink bulk link creation
2021-11-16 CTV AppsFlyer provides Roku CTV app metrics Roku integration with AppsFlyer
2021-11-15 Data Locker Data availability in AppsFlyer buckets is changing to 14 days Starting December 1, 2021, the data availability window of data in a bucket owned by AppsFlyer is 14 days. Until now it was 30 days. 
2021-11-10 SKAdNetwork (SKAN) SKAN reporting using postback arrival date SKAN dashboard and aggregated reporting can be filtered by either the postback arrival date or the install date.
2021-11-08 Protect360 Protect360 and ProtectLITE dashboards show click and impression capping data
2021-11-03 Data Locker Data freshness improved by more than 50% Data Locker for advertisers
2021-11-03 OneLink OneLink API dashboard with usage data OneLink API
2021-11-03 Overview dashboard Overview V2 dashboard side-by-side view shows SKAN attributions alongside AppsFlyer attributions SKAN and AppsFlyer side-by-side attribution metrics in the Overview V2.0 dashboard
2021-10-27 Cohort aggregated data Aggregated data of all the elements in the advertising hierarchy. Cohort analytics in Data Locker
2021-10-26 Facebook attribution and raw data  Support for data provided by Facebook via the Google Install Referrer

Get Facebook attribution raw data via Google Install Referrer

2021-10-13 Notification center Get notifications about AppsFlyer-business critical events

Notification center

2021-10-12 Validation Rules Remove unneeded in-app events

Validation rules for app owners

2021-10-04 Protect360 Retargeting fraud available in Protect360 dashboard

Protect360 dashboard

2021-09-29 Attribution Preinstall attribution via Google Play Auto Install (PAI) 

Original Device Manufacturers (OEMs), mobile carriers, and app discovery platforms preinstall apps on devices before they reach the user. AppsFlyer attributes to the preinstall campaign.

2021-09-29 SKAN Apple direct iOS postback

Starting iOS 15, advertisers instruct iOS to send a copy of the postback directly to AppsFlyer.

2021-09-09 SKAN Conversion Studio 

Flexible SKAdNetwork (SKAN) conversion value configuration

2021-09-02 Data Locker Parquet Select from Parquet or CSV file format
2021-08-30 SKAN Country code enrichment

Ad network partners enrich SKAN postbacks with the country code associated with a campaign

2021-08-25 Smart Banners Unified attribution for Smart Banners

Smart Banners support multiple media sources for attribution

2021-08-23 SKAN Full flexibility to measure anything using SKAN Use SKAN Conversion Studio to create your SKAN conversion value mapping. Select any combination of revenue, engagement, and conversion. Extend the activity window to 72 hours. 
2021-08-23 OneLink/Attribution Create a domain allowlist to protect your links from fraud Allowed link domains
2021-08-18 OneLink Onboarding wizard OneLink onboarding wizard for first-time users
2021-08-15 SKAdNetwork Facebook integration Integration enhancement providing improved raw data availability
2021-08-02 OneLink Customize OG tags Create social media previews
2021-07-20 SKAdNetwork Integration with Google  Google SKAdNetwork reporting
2021-07-19 Reporting SKAdNetwork support for agencies SKAdNetwork agency attribution by AppsFlyer
2021-07-14 Reporting Report availability Aggregated attribution report
2021-07-14 Reporting Feature availability Reports delivered to partners via Data Locker
2021-07-08 Audiences New UI design Audiences
2021-07-07 Xpend Add agency fees to total ad cost Agency fee rules
2021-07-04 Push API SKAdNetwork support SKAdNetwork messages sent via Push API

What's new Jan–Jun 2021

Jan–Jun 2021
Published Feature/arena What's new Article links & details
2021-06-27 Protect360

See the types of fraud your traffic experiences

Fraud reasons chart

2021-06-27 Smart Banners

Add parameters after banner displays

updateParams method

2021-06-17 Data Locker

Advertisers can choose to receive all account apps in one file or separate reports per app.

Data Locker—Unified or segregation by app

2021-06-16 Raw data

Field order

Select the field order in reports.

Use the Legacy option to get reports using the sequence in the legacy export data page.

2021-06-14 SDK information dashboard

iOS 14 and ATT metrics

SDK information (version & consent) dashboard.

2021-06-07 SKAdNetwork

Custome decode revenue ranges 

Support revenue ranges. This includes a change in the CSV format.

Custom conversion with revenue ranges.

2021-06-02 Integrated partners

Attribution link

Save the current attribution link for a given partner for reuse or modifications in the future.

2021-06-02 My plan / Invoices

Conversion usage reports

Customers can now download reports of the conversions charged to their plan—detailed by app, day, media source, and conversion type.


AppsFlyer invoices and usage reports

2021-05-27 Protect360

Protect360 installs dashboard displays hijacked installs attribution corrections data

Hijacked installs attribution correction chart

2021-05-20 Developer hub

Dev hub has SDK implementation recipes for developers to easily follow

Developer hub recipes

2021-05-20 Protect360

Validation Rules can be managed via API

Validation Rules API

2021-05-19 OneLink

OneLink can redirect to third-party app stores

OneLink redirection to third-party app stores

2021-05-13 Data Locker

SKAdNetwork reports

SKAdNetwork reports are available in your bucket (AWS or GCS) without need for a Data Locker subscription.

2021-05-12 Aggregated Advanced Privacy (AAP)

Click and impression reports

Data available via click and impression reports is limited by AAP rules
2021-05-11 Protect360

Validation rule estimated impact

View validation rule impact

2021-04-26 Aggregated Advanced Privacy (AAP)  Initial release

Aggregated Advanced Privacy (AAP) restricts user-level attribution data for non-consenting users running iOS 14.5+ 

2021-04-20 Protect360

Fraudulent installs and sessions from retargeting campaigns are blocked 

Protect360 raw data reportsretargeting

2021-04-04 Ad revenue

New monetization network aggregate reporting API

Ad revenue monetization network aggregate reporting API

2021-03-08 Protect360

New ProtectLITE dashboard for customers without Protect360

ProtectLITE dashboard and reporting

2021-03-04 Raw data

New Export data page now available to ad networks and agencies

Export data page raw-data reports (V2)

2021-03-01 :pba: PBA

Brand bundles with more than one mobile app per platform

PBA brand bundles and settings

2021-02-17 Attribution

Minimum time between sessions

Bulletin: Minimum time between sessions

  • Change in session measurement calculation
  • Advertisers have full control to configure minimum time between sessions (per app) based on what best suits their users' behavior and interaction style with the app
2021-02-16 SKAdNetwork

Custom conversion mapping (decode)

Custom conversion value decode for SKAdNetwork

2021-02-16 SKAdNetwork

Support for S2S in-app events

SKAdNetwork Solution guide: Report events by server-to-server API

2021-02-16 Integrated partners

Apple Ads Attribution API (AdServices)

Bulletin: Apple Search Ads integration

The AdServices framework allows attribution to Apple Search Ads for all App Tracking Transparency (ATT) permission states:

  • Complies with iOS 14 user-data privacy policy
  • Does not utilize IDFA
2021-02-03 Help and support

Resource Center

The AppsFlyer Help menu now consolidates extensive help resources all in a single location:

  • Access to the Help Center
  • Product updates
  • Reports and guides
  • Submission of help requests to the Support team
2021-01-25 My apps

Streamlined process for adding an app

Adding a new app
2021-01-25 SKAdNetwork

Facebook and AppsFlyer SKAdNetwork interoperability

  • Interoperability enables Facebook to share SKAdNetwork postback data with AppsFlyer and enables us to share your conversion value measurement bits (mapping) with Facebook.
  • Coming soon: Visibility of SKAdNetwork attribution data for Facebook in AppsFlyer
2021-01-18 :onelink:OneLink

Smart Banner design options

  • Smart Banners have new design options and are more responsive to different browsers/devices. 
  • Banner previews are available per device. 
2021-01-18 Xpend/Ad revenue

Integrations status dashboard

Dashboard to view status for cost and ad revenue integrations
2021-01-13 SKAdNetwork Twitter integration

SKAdNetwork attribution data for Twitter available in AppsFlyer starting 10-Jan-2021

2021-01-13 SKAdNetwork Transaction ID sharing with partners
  • Enhanced postback-to-partners engine to allow sharing of transaction ID as part of the integration postback template
  • Advertisers have full control to turn sharing on/off (per app per partner).
2021-01-11 Cohort dashboard

Cohort report hourly granularity

Cohort dashboard
2021-01-06 Android referrer matching

Samsung Galaxy Store

Setting up multi-store Android attribution

What's new July–Dec 2020

Published Feature/arena What's new Article links & details
2020-12-23  SKAdNetwork SKAdNetwork raw data reports SKAdNetwork raw data reports via Data Locker
2020-12-23 SKAdNetwork

Pull API


SKAdNetwork postback aggregate reporting API 
2020-12-23 :p_360: Protect360 Single raw data report for blocked installs

A single source of truth for all blocks, whether resulting from:

2020-12-23 :p_360: Protect360 Validation Rules

New install condition available, providing option to block installs from out-of-store/out-of-Google Play

2020-12-21 Integrated Partners Deactivate unused integrations Partner activation/deactivation
2020-12-17 :onelink:OneLink

Smart Script

OneLink Smart Script—Web-to-app URL generator
2020-12-10 Data sharing with ad networks Advanced privacy Advanced privacy data sharing settings
2020-12-09 Data Locker Write data to your bucket Advertisers select between an AppsFlyer bucket or their own bucket
2020-12-07 :p_360: Protect360 Validation Rules Validation Rules page has a new layout and design, and increased functionality/options.
2020-11-23 :p_360: Protect360 Post-attribution data Post-attribution reports display valid contributor for hijacked installs/in-app events. 
2020-11-11 :onelink:OneLink Link validator OneLink templates let AppsFlyer automatically generate the files to verify your domain for Universal Links and App Links. Test using the link validator.
2020-11-04 :onelink:OneLink deep_link_paramater Simplifies OneLink setup and reduce the need for af_dp in deep linking
2020-11-04 Activity dashboard Events activity chart Activity dashboard in-app events available in the chart
2020-11-02 :audiences-2020:Audiences User attributes Segment audiences using your first-party data.
2020-10-29 App Clips App Clips integration Apple App Clips integration with iOS SDK and OneLink
2020-10-21 Incrementality Product launch Measure remarketing campaigns
2020-10-19 Raw data Get 1M records  Reports return up to 1M records
2020-10-19 Aggregate data SKAdNetwork aggregate data report Available via report download
2020-10-11 In-app event sending to partners Bulk action settings Configure multiple events 
2020-10-06 Team member permissions

Geo & media source limitations

Admins can restrict team member access to specific Geos and Media sources
2020-10-05 Audit logs Audit log for API calls Download audit logs
2020-10-01 Attribution Web campaign-to-app attribution App users who converted through a campaign that leads to a website are attributed via Web campaign-to-app attribution.
2020-09-30 Integrated partners Sort by relevance On opening the page, the partner list is sorted by relevance
2020-09-30 Attribution Fields and features
2020-09-23 Data exchange Agency raw-data access

Advertisers grant agencies raw-data access

2020-09-23 :pba: PBA Web SDK integration testing

Immediate web SDK integration tests

2020-09-17 Ad revenue Partner integration update

blobid0.png AdMob integration is available to all clients.

AdSense deprecation: October 30, 2020. 

2020-09-15 Xpend cost API Status page API cost integration page in AppsFlyer
2020-09-13 Integrated partners Indicators Active indicators for agency accounts
2020-09-09 Platform Get app list API

Advertisers get the list of apps housed in their account

Ad networks get the list of apps accessible to them by capability

2020-09-09 Xpend Cost ETL (beta)  Aggregated campaign cost in a bucket
2020-09-07 :audiences-2020:Audiences Google Ads integration Integrate with UACe and DV360 
2020-09-03 Xpend Product launch Expend cost aggregation
2020-09-02 Platform 2FA authentication 2FA self-service
2020-09-01 Ad revenue Product enhancement Aggregate ad revenue reported as the day of the ad display event.
2020-08-31 :p_360: Protect360 & validation rules Postbacks

Advertisers: events postback setup
Partners: Rejected postbacks
Partners: setup guide
Partners: Postback macros

2020-08-31 :SKAdNetwork SKAdNetwork Simulation dashboard

SKAd simulation

2020-08-26 Cost integration Additional partners, additional parameters 

Tencent, WeChat, CrossInstall, Ad Action Interactive, Global Wide Media, Youappi Retargeting, Dataseat, Pinsight, Appgrowth, Point2Web, KPM BORO, Domobc DSP

2020-08-23 Cohort Real-time Real-time cohort
2020-08-20 :pba: PBA Google Ads integration Google Ads web campaign data
2020-08-18 :pba: PBA In-app events in conversion paths  Conversion paths
2020-08-04 iOS SDK V6 (beta) iOS 14 support, IDFA changes
2020-08-04 Android referrer matching

Huawei app store

Referrer matching for alternative Android stores
2020-07-30 :p_360: Protect360

Raw data reports via API for Ad networks

Blocked and post-attribution fraud reports via API for ad networks
2020-07-29 :pba: PBA web SDK

Compliance consent banner support 

Set user opt-in/opt-out preferences
2020-07-28 :pba: PBA dashboard filter options

Enhanced filter pane

Unified design for all PBA dashboards
2020-07-21 App transfer

Self-service app transfer

Transfer app ownership
2020-07-20 Facebook limited data use

CCPA compliance

Control Facebook data use for California residents
2020-07-14 Cohort

Saved reports

Define a report and save it for later use
2020-07-14 Deferred deep linking

Google Ads

Deeplinking with Google Ads
2020-07-14 Retargeting sessions

Availability of metrics and raw data

Retargeting sessions are currently available in Cohort retargeting and unified view, and via Data Locker
2020-07-07 :p_360: Protect360

Post-attribution reports via the Export Data page

Post-attribution installs post-attribution in-app events reports available via the Export Data page in addition to Pull API.
2020-07-01 :pba: People-Based Attribution Web-to-App dashboard 
  • Added Web-to-App installs metric (organic and non-organic installs) with context to overall installs
  • Includes:
    • Paid installs (previously only organic and owned)
    • Reinstalls and retargeting re-installs

What's new Jan–June 2020

Jan-June 2020
Published What's new Feature Article links & details
2020-06-30 Product enhancement

OneLink & Link management

Improved setup process and simplified guides
2020-06-18 Report availability


Post-attribution installs report available via Data Locker
2020-06-17 Product enhancement

Ad revenue

User-level ad revenue reported as the day of the ad display event.
2020-06-17 Product enhancement

Out-of-store attribution links

Set out-of-store default download URL for attribution links
2020-06-15 Product enhancement

Smart Banners

Simpler user interface, banner groups, and rules-based geo, scheduling, and URL path.
2020-06-10 New raw-data report


Conversion paths raw-data via Data Locker
2020-06-08 Commercial  Pricing plans Pricing plans: Zero, growth, and enterprise
2020-06-08 Product enhancement


Post-attribution in-app event report via Pull API. 
2020-06-02 Partner integration


Twitter cost integration by API
2020-05-27 Security

Team member permissions

Restrict team members from adding or editing integrated partners.
2020-05-19 Product enhancement

Social media landing pages

Creative templates
2020-05-13 Product enhancement


ROAS metric available. Calculated as revenue / cost. Available in the user interface and API
2020-05-13 Product enhancement Cohort User-level ad revenue reported as the day of the ad display event.
2020-05-12 New product People-based Attribution Server-to-server events API for PBA (Web-S2S)
2020-05-04 Payment methods AppsFlyer account Payments to AppsFlyer
2020-05-07 Product enhancement Analytics 
  • Activity dashboard: option to measure Activity KPI between different periods
  • Live Alerts: open to unlimited number of alerts to all customers.
  • Custom Dashboard: Covid-19 template and option within the widget creation to reflect date range of pre-covid19 period.
2020-04-28  Product enhancement GDPR API

Request failure messages in GDPR

2020-04-27 New Product People-based Attribution

Conversion Paths dashboard

2020-04-19 Change to data availability Raw data

What is the restricted media source

2020-04-06 New Product Cohort reporting API Get Cohort data by API
2020-03-26 Product enhancement Master API/Protect360

Align Protect360 KPIs in Master API

2020-03-25 Product enhancement Ad revenue API test connection

Test connection on enabling ad revenue API

2020-03-25 New raw data reports Ad revenue

Ad revenue raw data available via the Export data page and Pull API. 

2020-03-24 Product enhancement Push API V2.0

Filter by in-app events

2020-03-20 Product launch Branded links Use your domain to brand OneLink links
2020-03-09 Product enhancement Smart Banners Supporting mobile web UTM parameters for attribution
2020-03-03 Reporting enhancement Aggregate dashboards, reporting APIs
  • Cost by (grouped by) Site ID for Applovin now supported.
  • The group by Site ID enhancement will be rolled out to additional integrated partners going forward. 
2020-02-25 Product enhancement Audiences Create audiences based on the app owners Customer user ID. Group in-app events made by a single user across devices
2020-02-24 Data delivery  Push API V2.0
  • Field list aligned with AppsFlyer raw data V5.0 specification
  • 40 additional attribution fields
  • Selectable fields
  • Migration guide
  • Push API V1.0 sunset will be on August 31, 2020. 
2020-02-24 Product enhancement Validation rules
2020-02-18 Partner postback granularity Integrated partners postback settings In-app postback sending options at the in-app level
2020-02-16 Dashboard enhancement Integrated partners Cost tab

Deleting integrated partner cost account credentials (OAUTH)

2020-02-09 Article revamp Subscription attribution—Overview

Contains detailed procedures on integrating Google Play Developer API and Apple Status Update Notification to send subscription-related in-app events to AppsFlyer.

2020-02-09 Article update iOS SDK integration guide

Updated integration instructions with new code snippets to support iOS 13 and scene delegate.

2020-02-06 Raw data fields Data delivery tools 

Additional fields: Apple store reinstall, Keyword ID

2020-01-30 Partner integration Adobe Launch SDK

Full end-to-end instructions for integrating Adobe Launch SDK.

2020-01-28 Dashboard enhancement Cohort

Cohort unified view. View combined UA and retargeting (re-engagement/re-attribution) campaign performance in a single report

2020-01-27 Retargeting enhancement



  • Configure different lookback windows for re-engagement (click-through and view-through)
  • Enable/disable view-through for re-engagement (separate from the install settings).
2020-01-22 Partner integration enhancement TikTok ads

Cost API available

2020-01-15 Article revamp React Native Plugin

Improved structure and detail in the React Native Plugin guide

2020-01-15 Dashboard enhancement Overview dashboard

Changing campaign names 

2020-01-14 New article Attribution best practice 

Attributing podcasts

2020-01-14 Dashboard enhancement Retargeting

Additional KPI: Ad network impressions 

2020-01-14 Partner integration enhancement Apple Search Ads

Support multi Apple Search ads accounts

2020-01-14 Data delivery enhancement Data Locker

Organic uninstalls report

2020-01-14 Raw data fields Data delivery tools 

Additional fields: Deeplink URL, Device download time, OAID

2020-01-12 Data delivery enhancement People-based Attribution raw data

New web-to-app raw data report

2020-01-08 Attribution enhancement Smart Banners

Set smart banner media source attribution:

  • Fixed value
  • Value derived from UTM parameters
2020-01-07 SDK integration People-based Attribution, Smart Banners Implement both People-based Attribution and Smart Banners using one web SDK.
2020-01-06 SDK integration Ad revenue attribution  Get user-level ad revenue from MoPub by SDK in the app (open beta)
2020-01-01 User interface API access Location of the Pull API key

What's new July–Dec 2019

July-Dec 2019
Published Type Where What
2019-12-23 New ESP integration Iterable ESP New ESP integration
2019-12-23 Dashboard enhancement Cohort Conversion time trend — view performance of a selected KPI over time
2019-12-16 Data delivery  Push API V2.0
  • Field list aligned with AppsFlyer raw data V5.0 specification
  • 40 additional attribution fields
  • Migration guide
2019-12-12 Data delivery  Protect360 Post attribution Pull API 
2019-12-11 Dashboard enhancement Ad revenue attribution
2019-12-04 Attribution enhancement OneLink API
  • API creation rate limit increased to 250k.
  • Option to generate shortlinks with branded links.
2019-12-02 Dashboard  product launch

Ad Spend Ingestion

  • Ad Spend Ingestion provides advertisers with 100% coverage of their spend reporting needs.
  • Advertisers are able to record the ad spend (cost) from media sources that don't report spend by API or click.
  • Ad Spend Ingestion for ad networks
2019-11-27 New article

Owned media

Texting desktop users a link to your mobile app

2019-11-19 Data delivery enhancement

Data Locker

Retargeting impressions report 

2019-11-18 Product enhancement

Link management

Landing page for social apps

2019-11-18 Dashboard enhancement

Overview dashboard 

Change Facebook Ads campaign names 

2019-11-13 Dashboard enhancement

Activity dashboard

  • Metric KPIs display in real-time
  • Average KPIs are updated daily
2019-11-12 SDK major release

SDK V5.0 

V5.0 Release notes

iOS guide

Android guide


  • Alignment of method names in iOS and Android SDKs
  • Improve conversion data response times to <3 seconds in 99% of cases
2019-11-11 Dashboard enhancement
Keyword cost
Apple Search Ads
  • Aggregate keyword cost data is available in Cohort, Pivot, and Master API.
  • Dimension: Date, Campaign, Adset, Ad
  • Historical data: From October 13, 2019 
2019-11-07 Attribution SRN Deferred deep linking  Snapchat

Implement deferred deep linking in Snaphchat

2019-11-05 Access for agencies Protect360

Protect360 is accessible to agencies. Advertiser permission required.


Product release


People-based Attribution (PBA)

Initial product release. PBA is a unified view of customers' journeys no matter the channel, platform, or device.

2019-10-22 Article revamp iOS SDK Guide for developers 
  • Improved structure and format
  • A new API reference section, with Objective-C and Swift examples

Product enhancement


Control groups functionality

2019-10-06 Plugin Flutter

Flutter UI toolkit for building natively compiled apps using a single codebase

2019-10-10 Integration enhancement Facebook ads

Support for Facebook pre-defined events  

2019-09-24 Access for agencies  Cohort analytics

Cohort is accessible by agencies. Advertiser permission required.

2019-09-24 Product enhancement Custom link management

Instagram deep linking support

2019-09-18 Integration enhancement Google Ads 

Retargeting with configurable lookback re-engagement windows

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