Aggregated analytics tools for campaign management partners

At a glance: Integrate with campaign management platforms to automate the flow of app performance metrics from AppsFlyer using aggregated analytics reporting.

Campaign management integration

Advertisers must grant campaign management partners permission to extract performance metrics from the platform.

Performance reporting tools for campaign management partners
Permission type Reporting tool Limitations

SKAN reporting


Aggregated analytics reporting Cohort analytics data Twitter campaign data isn't available to campaign-management partners.


  • Advertiser perspective
    • Advertisers must grant the campaign management partner permission as listed in the preceding table. 
  •  Partner perspective
    • Extract data by API.
    • Security is implemented via an authentication token available in the AppsFlyer dashboard. The same token is valid for all apps and advertisers.
    • Advertisers can revoke permission to access their app data. This won't impact your parnter credentials.

Grant permission to a partner

Advertisers give campaign-management partners app-level permission to use a given API type. 


    •  The permission type lets a partner access data, including traffic brought by other partners and organic. 
    • Don't share your token with partners.


To grant API access to a partner:

  1. Go to Configuration > Integrated partners. 
  2. Select the integrated partner. 
  3. Go to the API access tab.
  4. Turn on one or more API permissions. Select from:
    • Aggregate analytics reporting.
    • SKAdNetwork reporting.
  5. Click Save settings
  6. Notify the partner that you have enabled the necessary API access. 

Grant permission to a Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP)

[Coming soon] FMPs can get campaign performance data via API

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