Integrating Google Ads auto-tagging (gclid) campaign data into PBA

At a glance: Enrich PBA data with auto-tagging gclid campaign information by connecting to Google Ads.

Integrating Google Ads campaign data in PBA

Connect your Google Ads account (1 or more) to your brand bundle. Google Ads campaign data improves dashboard analytics capabilities and further enriches raw data reports.

  • If the gclid is present on a web visit URL, PBA gets the campaign name and campaign ID from Google using the gclid. Note! The GCLID solution is not officially supported by Google Ads, which may deprecate the parameter in the future.
  • PBA doesn't overwrite campaign name data extracted from UTM fields, available in raw data reports.
  • If you have multiple Google Ads accounts, make sure that you connect the accounts that run campaigns bringing traffic to your website. 

Campaign data is available as follows:

  • Web-to-App dashboard drill down from web media source to web campaign
  • Conversion Paths downloadable report (export CSV) at the campaign level
  • Raw-data additional fields:
    • Web-to-App: web_googleads_campaign_id, web_googleads_campaign_name
    • Conversion Paths: touchpoint_googleads_campaign_id, touchpoint_googleads_campaign_name

To connect to Google Ads:

  1. Go to ConfigurationBrand bundles.
  2. Select the brand bundle.
  3. Go to Google Ads integration tab. 
  4. Click Connect account.
    The Google Ads sign-in page opens. 
  5. Sign in to the Google Ads account. Complete the process to give AppsFlyer access.

Manage Google Ads connections

On the Google Ads integration page, the following actions are available:

  • Delete connection
  • Enable/disable the connection 

PBA—Google Ads status messages

Status Meaning Remarks/action required


The connection is live and pulling data



The connection was disabled manually

Enable the connection to begin pulling data again

Never synced

The setup is complete

The setup is complete. It may take up to 24 hours for AppsFlyer to get data from Google Ads for the first time. If the message persists for more than 24 hours contact AppsFlyer support.

No data

The connection was successful

Google Ads did not return any data to our query. Ensure that you connect all the relevant Google Ads accounts to PBA.

No response

We can't contact Google Ads servers

At present, we can't connect to the Google Ads servers. If the status persists for more than 24 hours contact AppsFlyer support. 

Invalid credentials

AppsFlyer can't get the data as the credentials are not valid. 

Ensure that the correct credentials are set in the Google Ads integration page. Try to connect again using the most recent credentials. If the problem persists contact AppsFlyer support.

General error


If this status persists for more than 24 hours contact AppsFlyer support

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