Turn on test app integration for ad networks

At a glance: Ad networks performing integration testing must turn on app integration (activation).

Test apps for ad networks (iOS and Android)

Ad networks after setting up integration and postbacks must test integration using AppsFlyer test apps. Before testing, the ad network must activate the app integration and enable additional ad network permissions as needed. The activation is performed once per app. 

Test app type App name or ID
Android com.appsflyer.adNetworkTest
iOS id1543229303
  • id888707085
  • id888707086
  • id888707087

Activation procedure

Use the procedure that follows to activate the integration for a given test app. Perform the procedure once per app. 

To activate integration and grant permissions to a test app:

  1. In AppsFlyer, select a test app from those listed in the previous table. 
  2. In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Collaborate > Active Integrations.
  3. Select your ad network.
  4. To activate integration with the app:
    1. Go to the Integration tab.
    2. Turn on Activate Partner.
    3. Click Save integration.
  5. To grant permissions:
    1. Go to the Permissions tab.
    2. Turn on Configure integration.
    3. Turn on Configure in-app event postbacks. 
    4. Click Save permissions.