AppsFlyer Partner Marketplace profile setup

At a glance: Create a robust Partner Marketplace profile page with information about your company and its services and solutions.

AppsFlyer Partner Marketplace is where advertisers can find new ad networks and marketing platforms to work with. Provide as much information as possible for them to make an educated choice. 

Full Partner profile Partner profile with partial information

To edit your Partner Marketplace page: in the AppsFlyer dashboard, click the top-right drop-down menu, then click Partner setup.

Note: certain fields are mandatory, and the profile cannot be saved or published if they are not filled in.

Company details

In this section, add and edit information about your company.


To view how your page currently looks in the marketplace (with no navigation capability), click View published page

To view your currently saved draft, click Preview draft.


The information in this section is dynamic and is based on your existing AppsFlyer configuration and activity:

  • Partner type
  • Data richness
  • Integration capabilities
  • Industry categories and subcategories
  • Geography of your traffic


Add or edit your company details (e.g., company logo (mandatory), description (mandatory), website, support languages, etc.)

The short description is displayed on your preview in the Partner Marketplace search.

The full description is displayed on your page in the Partner Marketplace.

We recommend filling in all the details to provide as much information as possible and make your page in the Partner Marketplace more attractive to the potential customers.


Select either of the following ways advertisers can contact you via the Partner Marketplace:

  • Sales contact: Enter the contact details (email required) for the introductory email AppsFlyer sends on behalf of the advertiser. This email is sent when the advertiser clicks Introduce me on your marketplace details page. 
    Note: When no contact details are provided, the Introduce me button in the marketplace is grayed out.
  • Link to your landing page: You can choose to send users directly to a landing page. When selecting this option, advertisers will see the Contact Partner button instead of the Introduce me button, and clicking it leads to your URL.
    Tip: Add a UTM parameter to your link for your own tracking purposes.


A list of your company offices.
Note: This information is not displayed in the Partner Marketplace.

Your offering

In this section, add the details of the services you provide. We recommend adding as much information as possible for better discoverability in the Partner Marketplace.


To add or edit the information about your services, click on the offering name.


  • Select up to 3 services that you offer from the list.
  • Enter search tags. These are the keywords your potential customers can enter in the Partner Marketplace search bar.
  • List the highlights of your offering as bullet points.
  • Provide an extensive description of your offering.


Provide information about your services. Select all possible options that apply (they are used as filters in the Partner Marketplace):

  • Pricing models. E.g. CPA, Flat, Subscription-based.
  • Supported ad types. E.g. Banner, Video, Playable.
  • Traffic types. Incentivized, Non-incentivized, Pre-loaded.
  • Service types. Managed or Self-served.
  • Supported platforms.
  • Compliance standards.


Enter the sales details about the offer:

  • Link to the terms of service
  • Minimum budget required for the service

Marketing collateral

Add any additional marketing information about the offer:

  • Images
  • Marketing kit
  • Customer success stories
  • Video