CTV-to-mobile app view-through attribution

At a glance: Attribute mobile app installs to ads viewed on CTV devices.


With AppsFlyer cross-platform impression URLs, you can attribute mobile app installs to ads displayed on CTV. Multiple installs within the same household can be attributed to the same CTV ad impression.



To set up CTV-to-mobile app attribution using cross-platform impression URLs:

  1. Create or edit a OneLink template for CTV-to-mobile app attribution.
    • A single template supports your app across multiple operating systems (meaning one template works for Android, iOS, and Windows apps).
    • In the Cross-platform attribution section, make sure you select Enable cross-platform attribution.
  2. Create an attribution link (cross-platform impression URL).
    1. In AppsFlyer, go to Configuration > Integrated Partners and select the integrated partner.
    2. In the Attribution link tab, when creating a OneLink link, select Use OneLink.
    3. Select the OneLink template you created for cross-platform attribution.
    4. Scroll down to View-through attribution.


    5. Turn on Cross-platform attribution.
      This adds the af_xplatform=true parameter to the impression attribution link and gives the link cross-platform attribution capabilities. Without this parameter, the URL functions as a regular impression URL that can't attribute multiple installs to the same impression.
    6. Set the Cross-platform view-through attribution lookback window.
      This adds the af_xplatform_vt_lookback parameter to the impression attribution link and indicates the number of hours (up to 72) following the impression during which the app install can be attributed to the impression.
    7. Add any additional attribution parameters as needed. Use naming conventions that identify your CTV-to-mobile app campaign. Learn more about the parameters you can add for additional data and metrics.
      • Example: https://impressions.onelink.me/{template_id}?pid=__media_source__&af_xplatform=true&af_xplatform_vt_lookback=24h&af_siteid=__CSITE__&c=__ctv_to_mobile__&af_channel=__PLACEMENT__&af_c_id=__CAMPAIGN_ID__&af_adset=__AID_NAME__&af_adset_id=__AID__&af_ad=__CID_NAME__&af_ad_id=__CID__&af_source_platform=__source_platform__&af_source_device_category=__device_category__&af_ad_type=__CTYPE__&redirect=false
  3. Give the link to the ad network to place behind the ad displayed on CTV.

List of ad networks

The list of ad networks that display CTV ads and support CTV-to-mobile app attribution is:

  • Smadex
  • The Trade Desk
  • TVScientific
  • Vibe
  • Moloco
  • MNTN
  • Abema TV
  • MadHive Inc.
  • AJA
  • Verve Group
  • Samsung DSP

The list is consistently being updated.

Traits and limitations

Trait Remarks
Attribution window Between 1-72 hours, depending on the lookback window parameter af_xplatform_vt_lookback(default is 24 hours).
Retargeting Not supported
Attribution method View-through attribution using probabilistic modeling
Household attribution Supported. Meaning multiple installs within the same household can be attributed to the same CTV ad impression.
  • CTV-to-mobile data is available in regular AppsFlyer dashboards and reports:
  • CTV impressions don't display in app-level dashboards. However, they are available in the Cross-platform engagements report via Data Locker.
  • Make sure you use parameter naming conventions that easily identify your CTV-to-mobile app campaign.


Q: Does Enable view-through attribution via probabilistic modeling need to be turned on?

A: No. The Enable view-through attribution via probabilistic modeling toggle in your app settings doesn't need to be turned on for CTV-to-mobile app view-through attribution to work.