Menambahkan aplikasi baru

At a glance: Adding a new app to an advertiser account in the Dashboard.

Adding a new app

Add App is performed by admins and team members with Add App permission.

Select an add app option from one of the listed options. 

App status options
Option  When used What to configure

Available in the App Store/Google Play Store/Windows Phone Store


Pending approval or unpublished
  • Debug app to test the AppsFlyer SDK
  • The status of pending apps is automatically updated as soon as they go live in the App Store/Google Play
  • Aplikasi uji iOS: ID Aplikasi untuk iOS tanpa awalan id
  • Android: Package name. Note: App IDs are case sensitive


Android out of store APK If the same app is available in more than one app store see multi-store Android attribution
  • Android Package name 
  • Channel Name, such as Amazon.
  • App URL


Add Your App window

 To add a new app:

  1. Di Dashboard, pada bagian kanan atas laman, klik Tambahkan Aplikasi.
    Jendela Add App (Tambahkan Aplikasi) terbuka.


  2. Select an app status: (see explanation in the preceding section) 
    • Available in the App Store/Google Play Store/Windows Phone Store

    • Pending approval or unpublished: 

    • Android out of store APK (Standalone, Amazon, etc.)
  3. Select an app store:
    • Apple store
    • Google play
    • Windows store
  4. Complete the App Store URL do so by copying the URL from the app store. Paste in the App Store URL field. 
    • App IDs are case sensitive. 
    • iOS: Use one of the following:
      • (Best practice) Available starting June 14, 2019: links reference, or Example: 
      • Available until June 14, 2019 links reference itunes. Example:
    • Android:
    • Windows:
  5. Time-Zone: Select an appropriate time zone. Align the app time zone with the time zone you set with other attribution partners like Facebook and Google. 
  6. Currency: Select the currency to display data in the Dashboard. Revenue and spend events are converted to this currency using the rate of exchange in effect at the event time.  The default currency is USD.  If you don't want to use USD set a different currency now. Changing currency after recording cost and revenue results in distorted historical data. 
  7. Klik Save (Simpan).
    Aplikasi ditambahkan.


Error— Aplikasi tidak ditambahkan

Jika kesalahan ini terjadi, hubungi CSM Anda atau .

Error — Aplikasi tidak ada di store


Enter the correct app name or app ID in the store URL.

Error — Tidak dapat mengakses marketplace

This problem sometimes happens with adding a new Android app, especially with non-US countries, like the UK.

To solve this issue, try the following:

  1. Unggah aplikasi sebagai aplikasi tertunda.
  2. Buka laman Pengaturan Aplikasi.
  3. Ubah negara ke negara yang benar, mis. Inggris.
  4. Server AppsFlyer kemudian memperbarui informasi aplikasi dari marketplace.
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