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Appboy is the leading lifecycle engagement platform for marketing, growth, and engagement teams. We exist to help marketers seize the opportunities created by the challenges of today’s mobile economy. That means we built the world’s best intelligent CRM so marketers can connect human-to-human, at scale, with their customers, driving deep engagement and ROI. The center of our platform is the holistic user profile that offers a single view of the customer.

Appboy's robust audience segmentation and advanced multichannel messaging allow brands to use the data from these user profiles to create and automate highly personalized marketing campaigns, and build meaningful dialogues with their audiences across devices and channels. Thousands of global marketers use Appboy to connect with nearly 700 million monthly active users, with 10 billion messages processed through our platform each month. We help brands like Domino’s, ABC News, Capital One, Opera, SoundCloud, and Urban Outfitters to better engage, retain, and monetize their customers.

Appboy is venture backed with over 140 employees and offices in New York, San Francisco, and London. Learn more at

Integration Overview

Follow the instructions below to configure the integration with Appboy.

Minimum requirements - AppsFlyer SDK:

  • Android (Android SDK – version and above)
  • iOS

On Android, integrating with Appboy requires that the Appboy Device ID (Appboy’s unique user identifier) is populated in AppsFlyer's Android SDK. This parameter is sent with every postback and enables the identification of each user. To perform this you must insert the following strings to your app code: 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Make sure the lines of code are inserted at the correct place – after Appboy SDK was launched and before the initialization code for AppsFlyer’s SDK (refer to the Initializing the SDK section in our Android SDK Integration Guide).

For Android

HashMap<String, Object> customData = new HashMap<String,Object>();
 String deviceId =(Appboy.getInstance(MyActivity.this).getInstallTrackingId());
 customData .put("customData", deviceId);

For iOS

Appboy’s SDK must have IDFA collection enabled.  For details of how to do this, click here

  • Copy the api key from Appboy’s dashboard (available under App Settings > 3rd Party Integrations > Attribution


 Configure Appboy in AppsFlyer’s Dashboard

  • Click Integrated Partners in the left of the screen


  • Search for Appboy and click on the Appboy logo to open the configuration window


  • Under Integration Parameters, select Enable
  • Insert the Appboy API_Key copied in the prior step from Appboy’s dashboard under App Settings >> 3rd Party Integrations >> Attribution
  • Click Save & Close

Once you have saved the configuration, AppsFlyer sends the following data to Appboy for every organic and non-organic install:

  • Appboy Dev_ID
  • Media Source
  • Campaign name
  • Adgroup name
  • Ad name

IMPORTANT NOTE:  According to Facebook and Twitter T&Cs, we are unable share user level data with any 3rd party. As a result, all Facebook and Twitter installs are sent to Appboy as organic. 

View User Attribution Data in Appboy

Your user-base can be segmented by attribution data in Appboy’s dashboard using the Install Attribution filters.


Additionally, attribution data for a particular user is available on each user’s profile in Appboy’s dashboard.






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