App promotion in China

China is the world’s most exciting market for app business, but it can also be the most challenging. This is due to the unique media landscape, complex Android ecosystem, bureaucracy, and language barrier.

To learn more about how to approach the Chinese app market, use the resources listed here. 

China Internet Report 2019 presented by SCMP with an overview of the Chinese market:

  • China At A Glance
  • Looking back at 2018
  • Top trends for 2019
  • Deep-dive by sector

AppsFlyer China market practical playbook - beyond the great app wall of China. 
Use the playbook to understand:

  • The potential of the Chinese mobile marketing space
  • How the Chinese Market differs from other markets
  • Challenges faced by app businesses in China
  • How other advertisers and partners adapted to the market
  • Which Chinese media partners are right for your app

Android attribution guide for out-of-store-markets:

  • Out-of-market challenges
  • Integrating the AppsFlyer SDK
  • Displaying attribution information in AppsFlyer using the single app solution 
  • Record app store traffic
  • Identify store hijacking

Key media source partners configuration guide: AppsFlyer is integrated and pre-configured with all the major Chinese media sources. Meaning that both AppsFlyer and the media sources are ready and able to support your user acquisition campaigns in China. 

App promotion in China guides :

Leading media sources in China mceclip0.png

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