Protect360 for integrated partners

At a glance: Protect360 detects mobile app fraud and blocks the attribution of fraudulent installs. Integrated partners (ad networks) can view fraud related to their traffic.

Protect360 for integrated partners

Protect360 can be included in an advertiser's AppsFlyer subscription plan. Advertisers must give integrated partners permission to view the Protect360 dashboard. Integrated partners can:

  • View data related to the traffic they generated.
  • Download Protect360-related raw data reports

Grant access

To grant an integrated partner permission to access Protect360:

  1. Go to Integration > Integrated Partners
  2. Select the integrated partner.
  3. In the Permissions tab, enable Allow access to your Protect360 dashboard.

Dashboard view

Integrated partners can view the dashboard and charts; see the example below.  

Limitation: Integrated partners cannot access Anomaly insights. 


Raw-data reports

Protect360 raw-data reports show blocked fraud. Learn more about raw data reports. To get reports, go to the navigation menu > Reports > Export data

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