Bulletin: New Push API fields

What's new

Three new fields have been added to the push API. They are:

  • engagement_type
  • event_type
  • store_product_page (new for Android)


The parameter can return the following values: preload, click_to_download, click_to_app, engaged_click, engaged_view, view, listening, or if not reported it will be empty


More information on the new engagement types can be found here.


The parameter can return the following values: install, organic-install, install-in-app-event, organic-install-in-app-event, re-engagement, re-engagement-in-app-event, re-attribution, reinstall, organic-reinstall, re-attribution-in-app-event, skad-installs, skad-re-downloads, skad-in-app-events, skad-postbacks, skad-postbacks-copy.


This parameter follows the current iOS values.

For more information click here.


The custom_data field has been changed to include a colon between the field name and the field value.

Effective date

January 17, 2024

What this impacts

Advertisers and agencies using the push API