Android Attribution for Pre-Installed Apps

AppsFlyer's pre-install feature enables advertisers to track metrics for apps which are installed on an Android device at the time of purchase.

When an app is launched it is listed in the AppsFlyer's dashboard under a custom media source (as shown in the example below) with the campaign labeled as preinstall.  
Pre-Installed App Tracking

From version 4.5.0 and above of the AppsFlyer Android SDK, you can configure the /data/local/tmp/pre_install.appsflyer path in the manifest to allow the AppsFlyer SDK to track pre-installs.

<meta-data android:name="AF_PRE_INSTALL_PATH" android:value="/data/local/tmp/pre_install.appsflyer" />

The file to which the path points to should contain a key and a value - the key is the package name and the value is the origin of the app (e.g. Amazon).  An example of the format of the file is as follows:





For details of how to Track Pre-Installed Apps using Android Property System, click here.
For details of how to Tracking Installs for Out-Of-Store, click here.


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