Android preinstall campaigns configuration and testing

At a glance: Attribute app installs to device manufacturers for apps added to devices before leaving the factory.

Note that this method differs from Preinstall attribution using Google Play Auto Install.



What is a pre-install campaign?

Pre-install campaigns allow app owners to reach vast audiences without running online campaigns.

In pre-install campaigns, app owners can ask device manufacturers to pre-install their apps on devices before they leave the factory.

Pre-install campaigns can also be a collaboration with 3rd party media sources, which work with various manufacturers on behalf of app owners.


AppsFlyer counts an install once an app launches for the first time. Therefore, the number of displayed pre-installs is the number of users launching your app, and not the number of devices that have the app pre-installed on.

Benefits of recording installs from pre-install campaigns

By attributing pre-install campaigns you can measure the:

  • number of users who launch your pre-installed app
  • number of app users each manufacturer brings
  • LTV of each user and determine which manufacturer brings high-value users

How can I measure pre-install campaigns?

There are four ways to measure pre-install campaigns. For more information, see the Setup section in this article.

Viewing pre-install data

Pre-installs appear in the AppsFlyer dashboard under the attributed media source, just like any other install event. Their campaign name, however, is always Pre-install.


You can specify different campaign names for pre-installs with the SDK API Method.

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