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OneLink™ is a unique AppsFlyer tracking link which advertisers can use to utilize 3 primary features with a single click:

  1. Device Detection And Redirection: OneLink is able to detect the device type (Android, iOS, desktop etc.) when clicked and redirect the user to a matching destination.
  2. Deep Linking: If the advertised mobile app is already installed, OneLink is able to support launching the app after click and/or serving the user with personalized content (such as sending a user to a specific activity/page in the app).
  3. Deferred Deep Linking: If the advertised mobile app is not installed, OneLink is able to support serving a user with personalized content (such as sending a user to a specific activity/page in the app) on the first launch of the app after install. 

Advertisers usually deploy OneLink with their owned media, such as email and SMS campaigns, website banners and landing pages, viral posts on social media or even QR codes on physical posters. Nevertheless, it's also possible to use OneLink with integrated partners.

This guide covers OneLink basic setup, which enables device detection and redirection.

Once this basic setup is complete you can continue to the step-by-step Deep Linking Guide.


AwesomeCom has released a new app for Android and iOS. Jill, the mobile marketer, decides to launch an SMS campaign using AwesomeCom's users mobile phone numbers database. The short message contains a call to action and a single OneLink URL.
All Android users clicking the link are redirected to the app's page on Google Play. All iOS users clicking the same link are redirected to the app's page on iTunes.
The campaign manages to convert 23.5% of AwesomeCom's registered users to mobile users using OneLink! 

Device Detection And Redirection Flow

When you are using an engaged device and click on OneLink the following steps occur:

  1. You are redirected to AppsFlyer's servers
  2. There, your click URL and its parameters are saved for later, for attribution and deep linking purposes, should you choose to install the app
  3. Immediately afterwards, based on the user agent of the device, the device type is detected 
  4. You are then redirected to the designated destination according to OneLink's template (see below), which fits your device type

There are two stages required for OneLink's setup to achieve these steps:

  1. Configuring OneLink template
  2. Creating custom links from OneLink's template


OneLink also supports the following platforms:

  1. Android - Android based Smart TVs
  2. Apple - Apple TV (tvOS)
  3. Amazon Fire TV - for Amazon Fire TV use the Custom Android APK URL option
  4. Windows - All Universal Windows Platforms including Xbox
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