Available Macros on AppsFlyer's Postbacks

AppsFlyer Attribution Postback Macros

When mobile users install or perform in-app events AppsFlyer sends postbacks to the originating networks or to other endpoints, which may include a wide array of macros.

Below you can find the full list of AppsFlyer's supported macros.

Installs and In-App Events Macros

Macro Device/App Specific Info Macros


iOS unique identifier.
Also available as: (sha1-idfa)


Android GAID unique identifier.
Also available as: (sha1-advertiserId)


Android ID unique identifier.
Also available as: (sha1-android-id)


Name of the app id Android or iOS


Type of data connection used by the user on conversion ("TRUE" or "FALSE")


Time of install (first app open)in UNIX


Click or impression time on AppsFlyer tracking link


Campaign name as sent in AppsFlyer tracking link (c=)


Two-character country code on conversion


City of user device recorded on conversion


Device brand of user device recorded on conversion


Service provider for the device (such as "AT&T")


IP of the user device recorded on conversion


Model of the user device recorded on conversion


Name of the language used on the user device recorded on conversion


AppsFlyer unique identifier recorded on conversion


AppsFlyer SDK version


App version setup by app developer in the app's code


The User-Agent format (e.g. "Mozilla/5.0 (iPad)"


ID for vendors such as IDFV for iOS


The version name of the Operating System


The name of the application


The attribution match type (e.g uid (id_matching), ref (gp_referrer) and fp (fingerprint))


The time when Google Play is opened


The time when the user clicks Install on Google Play

In-App Events Only Macros

Macro Description


Name of the event triggered from the app


Event value in USD


Event value in original currency as configured in application


Event Currency code


The time of the in-app event


Enhanced rich in app event includes the entire JSON values 
of each in app event (encode) - example where (event-name) is af_purchase:

Encoded Values

Postbacks may need to contain irregular characters, which are not alpha-numerical. To accurately transfer these values via the postbacks AppsFlyer URL-encodes non alpha-numerical values in postbacks. 

If you wish to decode an encoded postback, or encode a decoded postback, you can use any free encoding web service, such as this.

Sample Postbacks

General Install Postback Examples

Android iOS

General In-App Event Postback Examples

Android iOS

Rich In-App Event Postback Example

Event Parameters:

Event Name: af_revenue
Event Revenue: 120.00
Event Currency: USD
Event Value: {"af_quantity":1,"af_revenue":"120","af_currency":"USD","af_content_id":"1107","af_content_type":"default_type"}


currency=USD&revenue=120.00&json=%7B%22af_quantity%22%3A1%2C%22 />af_revenue
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