Measuring Push Notification Re-Engagement Campaigns

Push-notification campaigns are great for creating fast re-engagements with your existing users.

AppsFlyer supplies an open for all solution, that enables tracking the success of push-notification campaigns, for both iOS and Android platforms. The conversions, defined as app opens originating from push notification messages, are displayed in AppsFlyer's Re-Targeting dashboard. 

AppsFlyer SDK Requirements

Measurement of push notifications requires an SDK API call within the app's code.

The minimum SDK versions that support push notifications tracking are:

  • iOS – version 4.3.5 and above
  • Android - version 4.6.0 and above

For implementation details please refer to the Push Notification Measurements section of the iOS SDK Integration Guide and on the Android SDK guide.

Setting up a Push Notification Campaign

AppsFlyer supports the measurement of push notification campaigns from all vendors and can also support developers who use Google Cloud Messaging or Apple push notification services directly.

The following parameters are inserted into the Push notification payload. These parameters must appear in an "af" object, as shown in the examples below:

  • C – the name of the campaign
  • is_retargeting=true – this parameter enables AppsFlyer to recognize a re-targeting campaign
  • pid= the media source which in this case is the push notification provider (e.g mixpanel_int, urbanairship_int, swrve_int)

A list of available parameters can be found in the following link:

AppsFlyer Tracking Link Structure and Parameters

The solution is indifferent to the push provider:

The APNS payload appears as follows:

Payload example:

    af =     {
        c = "test_campaign";
        "is_retargeting" = true;
        pid = "push_provider_int";
    aps =     {
         alert = "Get 5000 Coins";
         badge = 37;
         sound = default;

Payload example for different vendors:

Urban Airship API:

"audience": "all",
"notification": { "alert" : "A broadcast message" ,
"extra": {
"af": {
"device_types": "ios"

For more information please refer to:

Swrve API:

"af": "\"pid\":\"swrve_int\",\"is_retargeting\":true,\"c\":\"test_campaign\""

For more information please refer to:

Mixpanel API:

For iOS refer to:

For Android refer to:

Localytics API:

For iOS refer to:

For Android refer to:

Leanplum API:

Refer to:

Adobe Analytics (Omniture) API:

Refer to:

Appoxee (Teradata) API:

Refer to:

Upsight API:

Refer to:

Omniata API:

Refer to:


Refer to:

Kahuna API:

Refer to:

Accengage API:

Refer to: iOS, Android

For further information about AppsFlyer re-targeting solution refer to the following article:

AppsFlyer's Re-Targeting Attribution

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