Events dashboard

At a glance: Compare LTV in-app event performance KPIs across media sources to optimize your campaigns.


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Events dashboard

To open the Events dashboard:

  1. In AppsFlyer, go to Dashboard > Events.
  2. Set filters, at the top of the page, to filter by:
    • Media source
    • Geo
    • LTV period

To select events by event date (calendar date) rather than LTV period, use the Activity dashboard.

Events Funnel

  • By default, the Events Funnel chart displays the in-app events with the most actions. You can select the in-app events that interest you. 

Events Drill Down table

  • The table can be grouped by campaign or event.
  • Information presented in the table relates to users acquired during the LTV period.

  • Media source: Attributed media source
  • In-app events: Name of the in-app event reported by the SDK
  • Unique users: Number of unique users (unique AppsFlyer ID) who performed the event
    For Organic in-app events, re-installing users don't increase the unique users count, so the number sometimes appears as zero. 
  • Number of actions: Total number of actions means the number of times the in-app event was performed by users.
  • Revenue: Revenue generated from the in-app events.
  • Average actions per user: The number of actions/unique users.
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